Banking on Gadget Protection Accessories


Channel Post speaks to Jesper F. Mikkelsen, the General Manager for Middle East, Africa, and Asia, at PanzerGlass, talks about their participation at DISTREE this year.

What trends have you seen in the regional IT and consumer electronics market?
Since we are in the mobile accessories industry, specifically in screen protection, we have witnessed different needs emerging over the past years. The outlook for the touch screen technology looks positive and so is the need for protecting the most expensive part of a smart phone and a tablet. But the future does not look like this only. Today consumers are more cautious about their data privacy and look after customizing their accessories.

Therefore we at PanzerGlass offer a wide range of products not only to protect the screens but also to protect the users’ privacy by adding a privacy filter in the era of big data. In addition, PanzerGlass offers a customization option by adding a company’s logo on the screen protector had it been an On/Off logo or a coloured one.

How important is an event such as Distree for your overall regional strategy?
Distree is an event where we meet most of our current clients in the region. Since we have penetrated most of the markets in META, we take advantage of Distree to communicate our new strategies to our clients to ensure proper alignment. On the other hand, we are always eager to meet new prospects in the region and Distree helps in bridging the gap.

What is your theme for participation at Distree this year?
At Distree, we will be promoting new solutions offered by PanzerGlass. As we effectively listen to the consumers’ needs, we continuously develop our products to fulfill these needs.