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Price, Security and Ease of Use Are Top Tech Adoption Drivers

Price, Security and Ease of Use Are Top Tech Adoption Drivers



Channel Post speaks to Hakimumuddin Kurban Husein, the Managing Director of Albatha Retail and Home Products Group, about the company’s plans for DISTREE 2017

What trends have you seen in the regional IT and consumer electronics market?
The consumer technology industry’s decade of unprecedented growth is slowing down as the market for ICT products hits maturity. The demand is sluggish across a number of categories from smart phones to tablets and laptops. And unfortunately, demand for the next generation of devices enabled by smart devices such as Internet of Things (IoT) including health and wearable devices  is not growing fast enough to offset declines in traditional categories.

How important is an event such as Distree for your overall regional strategy?
Distree is one of the key events in ICT and a great opportunity to connect with key decision makers and network with the channel in the region for strategic business development opportunities.

What factors according to you are driving the IT and CE market in the region?
Price, security and ease of use remain top drivers for adoption of technology devices and services. For the majority of consumers, the lack of a compelling value proposition is reflected in concern over pricing.

Security is no longer just a nagging problem, but a top barrier as consumers choose to abandon products and services over security concerns. And, while progress has been made, challenges with ease of use and customer experience remain roadblocks.

Which industry sectors are the most upcoming for the kind of solutions and products you deal in?
Solutions and products include 3D printing, IoT and smart devices, health care technology products, smart home products, and drones and robotics.

Which countries in the region are the most upcoming in terms of speeds in the region?
For the Albatha Retail and Home Products Group, we are looking at Qatar and Oman as strategic business development markets in addition to a continued focus on the UAE Market. The Albatha and Retail Home Products Group via its subsidiary companies is open for strategic distribution partners in the Africa market for business development for its select and exclusive brand portfolio.

What is your theme for participation at Distree this year?
Connect with the industry fraternity to promote the renewed vision of retail business of Albatha Retail and Home Products Group. The company is part of Albatha Holdings, which has been at the forefront of the consumer electronics, home appliances, IT and mobility  industries  via market leadership in retail, distribution and manufacturing sectors.

E-City General Trading LLC is a flagship retail brand  having world class retail stores across the UAE in the region’s top malls. The groups other companies include- Supergeneral  Company –  a leading global value for money brand that is sold in over 50 countries with an exhaustive product range meeting the need of every household and lifestyle requirement.

General Enterprises Company- an exclusive distributorship in the UAE for a range of consumer electronics and domestic appliances brands such as INDESIT, WESTPOINT, PRINCESS, AKAI, AUX, and GECO Smart Life Solutions – a distribution company, founded on the basic principle of smart and connected lifestyle, and is the exclusive distributor for IHealth, IBaby, Alcatel, Bewell, Breo, Silent Pocket, and other IoT brands.



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