Jazz and Infobip announce partnership

Jazz and Infobip announced a partnership in the CPaaS (Communications Platform as a Service) space.

Under the new partnership, Jazz will work with Infobip to build a new CPaaS platform and launch the first of its kind data center in the country, making Jazz the first in Pakistan to launch a complete CPaaS cloud based and omnichannel service.

Building on its ongoing digital transformation journey, Jazz will offer customers complete omnichannel functionality, providing seamless customer experience across all communications channels. Infobip will deploy a full-scale data center on Jazz’s premises, the first of its kind in the Pakistani market, in addition to implementing a complete platform replacement for the company. This deep level of integration highlights Infobip’s commitment to quality and building solutions to scale.

On the occasion, Matija Razem, VP Business Development, Infobip shared, “We are thrilled to take our relationship with Jazz to the next level through this deep level partnership. Through the complete platform replacement and establishment of a full-scale data center, we are confident that we can help take Jazz’s customer experience to the next level. Accompanying Jazz on this transformation is a true attestation to Infobip’s ability to take projects to scale. This is such an exciting time for telecos in the region and we are happy to be a part of it.”

“Jazz is proud to have positioned itself as a market leader that is spearheading digital transformation in Pakistan. CPaaS is a key component for business growth, one we are confident will help drive positive change across a multitude of industries in the country. By partnering with Infobip we are confident that we will be able to not only increase our revenue streams but also achieve unprecedented levels of reach.” explained, Ali Naseer, Chief Business Officer, Jazz.

Through its partnership with Infobip, the company anticipates the introduction of new revenue streams, core business growth, and to become a name synonymous with digital transformation across the globe.