TCS launches its Cyber Defense Suite

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has launched its Cyber Defense Suite—a comprehensive set of modular, quickly adoptable cyber security services offered on a platform—to give leaders confidence and agility to grow their digital enterprises.

The rapid acceleration of cloud-enabled business models and increased cyber-attacks over the last two years have underscored the need for enterprise security solutions that can keep pace. TCS’ Cyber Defense Suite provides 360-degree visibility and predictive intelligence to proactively defend and respond against evolving risks—all from a single platform with a unified view.

The new Cyber Defense Suite is a modular platform designed to deliver
• End-to-end threat visibility
• Extended detection and automated incident response
• Digital identity and access management
• Vulnerability management and remediation
• Security governance risk and compliance support
• Third-party cyber risk mitigation
• Security for multi-cloud environments

The suite is scalable and embedded with automation, which allows businesses to achieve improved agility and speed, while reducing total cost of ownership.

“With rising cyber risks and expanding digital footprint, enterprises are seeking visibility, preparedness and agility to accelerate their business transformations securely and with confidence. TCS’ Cyber Defense Suite provides a way to enable enterprise security and a foundation to address evolving cyber security needs,” said Santha Subramoni, Global Head, Cyber Security, TCS.