Nedaa partners with GDRFA-Dubai

Professional Communication Corporation – Nedaa signed a partnership agreement with the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs-Dubai (GDRFA-Dubai) at the ongoing Gitex Global.

Both parties agreed to collaborate to build an efficient communication network for GDRFA-Dubai and engage in data sharing concerning broadband technologies for emergency and public safety purposes.

Their partnership will pave the way for GDRFA-Dubai to utilize Nedaa’s Integrated Operations Center (IOC) solutions, wireless communication systems, and Tetra network to achieve end-to-end operational visibility and enhance team connection and communication.

Major General Obaid bin Suroor said “Signing an agreement with Nedaa reflects the GDRFA’s keenness to fulfil its strategic plans and support its partnership relations with other entities. In addition to strengthening our joint cooperation in the field of smart services, the agreement will help us exchanging expertise, experiences and studies, invest and develop technical and smart projects that contribute significantly to sustainable development and achieve leadership and excellence.”

He expressed his happiness with the cooperation, adding that the partnership with Nedaa will further boost the integration of both entities efforts and help them better serve the society in a way that makes Dubai the smartest city in the world.

H.E. Bu Osaiba said “Through our TETRA and private 4G networks, we offer public safety and security authorities with high-speed mobile broadband solutions that are critical to their work. We are delighted to extend this commitment to GDRFA-Dubai today. Following the signing of our MoU, GDRFA-Dubai will now use our Tetra network as its primary communication channel for its operations. Our team will provide the organization 24-hour support to ensure maximized use of the Tetra network. The institution will have access to our specialized communication services as well, allowing it to further contribute to the overall safety and security strategies of Dubai and the UAE.”

“Moreover, our mutually beneficial partnership will have us jointly joining events and exhibitions and exploring other opportunities that will take our cooperation to the next level,” H.E. Bu Osaiba added.

The agreement will also see the Nedaa team holding training courses for GDRFA-Dubai to improve the latter’s skills in using specialized communication devices. It will also extend consultations and updates on the latest in the Tetra system and 4G network, in addition to including GDRFA-Dubai in its future projects concerning broadband solutions for security, safety, and emergency response purposes.

Both parties agreed to form a working group to oversee the implementation of the MoU and accomplish its goals.

Nedaa was established to enable the deployment of new and emerging applications in a resilient, available, and secure environment. It also offers an evolutionary path for governments entities and private sector to meet their future specialized network needs.