Hisense launches H50 and E50 series smartphones at GITEX

Hisense announces its entry into the smartphone segment at GITEX, as the company intend to leverage its strengths in developing smart technology and innovative products and believes the smartphone is an extension of Hisenses’ highly competitive product offerings.

Witnessing a steady growth in the smartphone industry, the consumer-friendly brand recognised the market potential for its innovative, smart, and efficient devices. The brand has been instrumental in delivering quality home electronics to end-users and is poised to enter in the smartphone market to increase its product offerings as well as expand market realization.

Commenting on its all-new smartphone series, Jason Ou, Managing Director of Hisense Middle East & North Africa said, “With a steep quarter-on-quarter growth within the mobile segment and a demand for innovative, smart and affordable devices by the end consumer, we believe Hisense is entering the market at the right time with highly competitive devices. Through this new product line, Hisense aims to increase its revenue by over 20 percent by the of 2022.”

“We are delighted to be announcing our debut in the mobile sector, as we see huge potential for Hisense within the mobile category in the GCC and Levant markets. In our quest to provide our customers with the best, we have developed two brilliant lines of smartphones with an advanced camera system, infinity display, long-lasting battery life and boosted connectivity with sufficient storage; ideal for today’s demanding users. We are proud that today we launch our two-smartphone series – H50 & E50 and confident that our product line-up will be well received by the market as well as the end-consumers. “

Building on years of experience, Hisense mobile is a combination of innovation and technology that strikes a perfect balance between the quality and meeting the requirements of today’s consumer demands. Hisense mobile is themed ‘Ready for Life’ as it complements the readiness of life to become your companion capturing all the moments of life.


In terms of configuration, the Hisense mobile, both Infinity H50 and E50 series come with dual-SIM card support that run on Android 11.

Masterful Craftsmanship
The top-end model is Hisense, H50 marks the introduction of craftsmanship inspired by the movement of light, giving the handset a sensational touch of a 3D gradient flexible curve design, with complex everchanging colors in different viewing angles. It indulges the end-user with an infinite view with its 6.81” Full HD+ Infinity Display that indulges your eyes in an all-immersive viewing experience, improving your overall viewing on a mobile phone. Whereas the Hisense E50 has a 6.55” display easier to optimize the content and interactive experience, it also comes with a unique 3D textured design feature to create a striking visual appearance.

Hisense mobiles come with biometrical facial recognition algorithm and an integrated side-mounted fingerprint sensor that allows you to instantly and securely unlock your phone.

Camera for life’s every occasion
The Hisense Infinity H50 sports an enhanced 108MP (12000x9024pixels) zoom-in camera, one of the world’s highest megapixel smartphone camera resolutions, enabling users to capture minute details. Its ‘super night shot’ brings forth the dark nights most breathtaking views never imagined before. The MORPHO HDR enhances the picture quality by correcting the color and saturated dark sports, making the pictures more vivid. The stabilization mechanics makes the images sharper than ever with technology that compensates for camera shakes through image synthesis, especially useful for night portraits and telephotography. From 120-degree wide-angle capability to 3cm micro shot Hisense H50 provides unblemished images.

On the other hand, the E50 carries a powerful multi-mode 13-megapixel triple camera and an 8-megapixel front camera, designed for selfie perfection and the ability to align with your skin-tone for balanced images.

Advanced power saving battery
Both the Hisense mobiles H50 and E50 display impeccably advanced power-saving system that battery life by intelligently optimizing power, 5000mAh and 5100mAh respectively.

More storage, Less lagging
The Hisense H50 and E50 series offers a smooth experience with less lagging, allowing users to switch between apps with ease. It takes advantage of large internal and expandable memory for powerful and longer usage.

The Hisense Infinity is powered by the MTK G90T Octa-core processor with 6GB RAM and 128GB of storage. The E50 packs an 8-core SC9863A processor, 4GB RAM, and 64GB of storage.

Providing a superior mobile experience for users in the region, Hisense encourages its customers to be ‘Ready for Life’ by providing them with the best connectivity, exposure rates, incredible display, plus a top-notch camera to assist with creating lifelike moments, and much more.