Savvy successfully deploys "Hakeem" programme

Oracle platunum partner, Savvytek successful deployed “Hakeem” programme by implementing their Open-Source-based data exchange platform – Savvy Data eXchange Platform (Savvy DXP), which facilitates timely and accurate data transfer of updated citizen data from the Civil Status and Passports Department, to be loaded into “Hakeem’s” Central Database that supports the registration system for patient record checking and updates purposes.

The system was deployed as a pilot phase for the health information system “Hakeem” at different medical sites including Prince Hamzah Hospital, Amman Comprehensive Clinic, and it will cover all hospitals and health centers of the Ministry of Health, Royal Medical Services, King Hussein Cancer Center and University Hospitals, which is expected to finish in about six years.

“Hakeem” aims to facilitate and improve the healthcare services, by providing real time and up to date electronic medical information throughout the public health system and allow clinicians to view their patients Electronic Health Records (EHR) using their national ID number, which will include comprehensive procedural and surgical reports, current medications, allergies, medical and surgical history, as well as hospitalization and clinic visit notes.

In addition, it will provide online access to lab results and digital radiological exams. Through “Hakeem”, EHS invested specialized resources in implementing a proven digital platform that supports the storage, retrieval and updating of the EHR of patients cared for by all of the participating healthcare facilities in Jordan.

Mohammad Tahboub, President of Savvytek, said: “We continue to seek tremendous opportunities to fortify our proven track in developing products best-matching the clients’ needs. Savvy DXP was built on Open-Standards to allow for further scalability and integration with Government and Non-Government entities, for which we employ our best resources and years of experience to implement a real Business Solution that is based on sound technology concepts”