Teradata announces new data warehouse platforms

Teradata has announced two new Teradata Active Enterprise Data Warehouse (Active EDW) platforms. The platforms combine solid state drive (SSD) and hard disk drive (HDD) technology with the intelligent virtual storage solution that automatically migrates data between drive types to achieve optimum performance.

The new Teradata platforms provide enterprise class analytics, with options to manage storage performance optimised to meet a company’s needs. The Active EDW 6680 is delivered with SSD and HDD storage along with the Teradata Virtual Storage (TVS) solution, which automatically tracks the usage of data, and then migrates it to the appropriate storage type. The Active EDW 6650 utilises HDD storage and is ready for future upgrade to SSDs and Teradata Virtual Storage.

The Active EDW 6680 delivers up to a 75 percent lower energy cost for same performance over the previous model along with a 75 percent smaller datacentre footprint. The Active EDW 6650 offers a 25 percent lower energy cost for same capacity over the previous model and a 25 percent smaller datacentre footprint.

“The Active EDW 6680 offers up to a 4 times boost in throughput and unleashes performance for reporting, operations, and complex analytic applications helping customers do more, do it faster and do it better. Teradata is the only vendor to offer integrated, self-managing storage combining both SSD and HDD devices in the same platform. Also, by combining large memory and efficient caching, Teradata provides in-memory performance without requiring a separate appliance.” said Scott Gnau, Chief Development Officer, Teradata Corporation.

The new Active EDW platforms achieve these data center efficiencies through the scalability of the Teradata database architecture, the innovative designs of the Teradata cabinet packaging, power, and cooling.