Motorola launches new device management service

Motorola Solutions has announced the addition of Service from the Start with Device Management to its services portfolio tailored for enterprise customers. The new service integrates break/fix repair and support with device management in a single program from a trusted vendor. Combining best-of-breed depot facilities with tight process integration from problem detection to resolution, the service simplifies the process of enabling device management as part of the support program. This helps IT departments gain better visibility into the devices in the operational environment, lower the total cost of ownership for their mobility investments, and leverage a single platform for strategic business improvement.

Service from the Start with Device Management adds robust device management capabilities to the proven Service from the Start with Comprehensive Coverage service, helping IT effectively tackle daily technical operations and management of its organisation’s mobile computing devices. With this new service, businesses gain access to expertise and tools necessary to provide visibility and improve availability of mobile devices throughout an organisation, allowing them to focus on their core business and not the technology. It helps IT departments offload day-to-day management of their mobile computers to support technicians, allowing for quick resolution of issues with minimal end-user involvement.

“Service from the Start with Device Management is the natural next step in the continuing evolution of service repair and support. It moves service and support further ahead on the maturity curve, building on the value of break/fix ‘no questions asked’ coverage with embedded device management capabilities for an integrated solution,” said David Thomas, Vice President, Motorola Solutions.

Key benefits of the new service include proactive support and troubleshooting provided by an integrated managed services delivery center, monitoring and prevention, asset and software management, and product repair with comprehensive coverage that helps customers protect their mobility investments against the unexpected.

Motorola Device Management Service provides a robust program that helps organizations reduce device maintenance costs while protecting their assets and data from unauthorized use.