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ESET discovers Kobalos malware attacking supercomputers

The Channel Post Staff
ESET researchers discovered Kobalos, a malware that has been attacking supercomputers – high performance computer (HPC) clusters. ESET has worked with the CERN Computer Security Team and other organizations involved in mitigating attacks on these scientific research networks. Among other targets was a large Asian ISP, a North American endpoint security vendor as well as […]

Qualcomm Plans to Move Beyond Processors to Platforms

Reporting from San Diego, California, US: Qualcomm has announced new initiatives and changes to its strategies, at its Snapdragon 835 benchmarking event. At the event, which was held on March 15, 2017, at its head quarters in San Diego, California, US, the company took the audience through a series of changes in its product branding positioning. […]
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