Qualys Enhances Partner Programme With New Global MSSP Portal

Qualys has announced the launch of its Managed Security Services Partner (MSSP) Portal as part of the growth and evolution of its partner management strategy. Qualys’ global MSSP partners now have access to a unified platform that streamlines client, subscription, and security services management for enhanced operational efficiencies, enabling increased revenue opportunities and improved operating margins.

The demand for MSSPs is increasing as organisations look to outsource their cybersecurity needs to experts who can provide advanced protection and proactive threat management. This has led to significant growth in the MSSP market, which is expected to reach $68.3 billion in 2028. However, this growth has resulted in complex authentication processes, licensing confusion, and inefficient user management practices for both MSSPs and their clients. The Qualys MSSP Portal addresses these challenges by providing a unified platform with a holistic view of all client accounts, licenses, and user roles, simplifying the partner management process and enhancing overall security posture.

“We are thrilled with Qualys’ MSSP Portal’s impact on our partner management processes,” said Stoyan Neikov, EMEA VSS and VIS Implementation and Service Delivery Lead at DXC Technology. “Its advanced features have streamlined operations, particularly the single sign-on capabilities and user management tools. Additionally, the significant efficiency improvements enable us to concentrate more on delivering value to our clients.”

With nearly 50 partners already onboarded, the Qualys MSSP Portal delivers built-in efficiencies, enhanced security, and reduced operational complexities, including:

  • Enhanced User Access Experience: The portal’s single sign-on feature allows partners to access client accounts without repeatedly entering credentials, streamlining the authentication process while maintaining strict security protocols.
  • Streamlined Management for Quick, Informed Decisions: Integrates management of all partner and client activities into a single dashboard for a comprehensive view of operations, security status, and client interactions reducing the time and effort needed to oversee accounts. It enables the creation of user accounts with role-based access, ensuring users have the appropriate level of access to client resources.
  • Increased Efficiency from Automated Workflows: Automates repetitive tasks across multiple subscriptions and interfaces, such as updating security settings, report generation and deploying patches.

“We are laser focused on building a world-class programme that improves our partners’ experiences and empowers them to broaden their network, tapping into existing and new clients, and ultimately enhancing their revenue opportunities,” said Barb Huelskamp, senior vice president, global channels and alliances at Qualys. “The new MSSP portal is a major step forward allowing partners to address current client demands and scale operations to meet future challenges while ensuring optimum security and risk reduction for clients.”

For information on the Qualys MSSP Portal or on becoming a Qualys partner, please visit https://www.qualys.com/forms/become-partner/