Zoho Rolls Out Payroll Management Solution For UAE

Zoho has launched Zoho Payroll, payroll management software for businesses, in the UAE. The solution allows businesses to streamline payroll management, automate their monthly payroll tasks, and ensure compliance.

“Businesses often face key challenges in payroll management like pulling in employee records from multiple sources while staying compliant with the local labour laws. Zoho Payroll serves as a modern alternative for UAE businesses, providing built-in compliance, automating monthly payroll tasks, and seamlessly connecting with the relevant data sources. With a consumer-grade UI, the solution not only simplifies payroll management for finance teams but also enhances the employee experience by offering a user-friendly self-service portal. Today’s launch builds on our recent momentum of addressing Corporate Tax compliance for UAE businesses, further solidifying our commitment to supporting businesses in the country,” said Prashant Ganti, Head of Product Management, Zoho Finance and Operations Suite.

Today, one of the biggest challenges that UAE businesses face is ensuring compliance with various labour laws like Wage Protection Systems (WPS), pensions, and end of service benefits. Moreover, to do a single payrun, businesses need to pull in relevant employee information from other systems like attendance, loss of pay, and reimbursements. This necessitates a modern solution that offers the flexibility to pull data from relevant sources contextually, and ensures compliance with local laws.

Zoho Payroll is a modern payroll solution that comes with capabilities like employee onboarding and offboarding, benefits handling, employee self-service portal, single-click payroll processing, and real-time payroll summary reports. The application automatically ensures end-to-end compliance related to gratuity, and pension scheme contribution based on the employee’s nationality. Zoho Payroll also provides advanced customisations that allow businesses to customise fields, salary components, email notifications, reminders and alerts. Zoho Payroll offers a unique payroll insights capability where organisations can see a snapshot of their payrun for a particular period, creating visibility into individual components within that payrun.

Businesses can empower employees with access to a self-service portal where they can view their salary information, download payslips, receive notifications related to their documents, and salaries, track borrowed loans, and communicate with the payroll team. The intuitive user interface not only streamlines these processes but greatly enhances the overall employee experience. Moreover, employees can access this portal through the Zoho Payroll mobile application on iOS and Android devices. This ensures that employees can instantly and conveniently perform all necessary functions at any time, providing a user-centric solution for accessing payroll information.

Zoho Payroll comes pre-integrated with Zoho Books for automating accounting entries, Zoho Expense for employee expense reimbursements, and Zoho People for employee details and leave data. The software is also pre-integrated with the recently-launched Zoho Practice, practice management software for accountants, where the accountants can view their client’s pending payruns, unapproved revisions, and payments. They can also manage employee payroll-related documents, and set expiry notifications. Additionally, the accountants will be able to collaborate with their clients through voice, text or video call, and share important payroll-related documents.

Pricing and availability
Zoho Payroll is available for use immediately, and the pricing starts at AED7 per employee, per month, billed annually. For more information please visit Zoho Payroll’s pricing page.