Hitachi Vantara Launches Unified Compute Platform

To support customers in their expanding cloud journeys, Hitachi Vantara announced the launch of Hitachi Unified Compute Platform (UCP) for GKE Enterprise, a new, integrated hybrid solution, with long-time partner Google Cloud. Through Google Distributed Cloud Virtual (GDCV), Hitachi UCP for GKE Enterprise offers businesses a unified platform to manage hybrid cloud operations, leading to increased efficiency, scalability, and flexibility in their infrastructure and applications.

While hybrid cloud adoption surges globally, a 2023 report highlights a growing demand for cloud-native platforms that operate across multiple environments. At the same time, generative AI and other technologies are driving exponential data growth, creating a greater need for cloud-based solutions that can help enterprises streamline data complexities, leading to an overall increase in business operations and the acceleration of digital transformation.

GDCV on Hitachi UCP empowers enterprises to modernize applications, optimize infrastructure and enhance security across hybrid cloud environments by combining the flexible cloud infrastructure of Hitachi UCP with the versatility and scalability of GDCV. As a result, the solution can deploy and manage workloads within on-premises data centers, cloud environments or edge locations. As part of its launch, GDCV on Hitachi UCP has also been included in Google’s Anthos Ready platform partners program, which validates hardware that works seamlessly with GDCV.

“Our collaboration brings together Hitachi Vantara’s highly available, high-performance integrated cloud infrastructure and GDCV’s robust container orchestration and management capabilities,” said Dan McConnell, senior vice president, product management for storage and data infrastructure, Hitachi Vantara. “As generative AI reshapes the digital landscape, GDCV on Hitachi UCP enables organizations to confidently leverage the potential of hybrid cloud environments. This turnkey solution equips them to thrive and make the most of the ever-expanding data-driven opportunities in the digital era.”

The solution is available globally and offers the following customer advantages:

  • Easy Workload Mobility: The solution offers a single framework for easy deployment and control over applications on both in-house and cloud setups, with a safe way to transition to Google Cloud by intelligently distributing workloads for smooth data and infrastructure migration.
  • Configuration Flexibility: Customers are given various options to support multiple configurations and applications with differing performance, availability and scalability needs, including the flexibility for Hitachi Vantara customers to utilize GDCV with the high-performance Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) as part of our certified driver within the Anthos Ready Storage Partnership.
  • Security and Compliance: Modern security controls for software and hardware are used to follow guidelines and needs, managed centrally across different places to ensure security and adherence to business and regulatory compliance requirements.

“Our partnership with Hitachi Vantara represents the latest in modern cloud infrastructure, offering customers a single source for systems, solutions and services,” said Sridhar Devarapalli, product director at Google Cloud. “Together, we provide a reliable and secure hybrid cloud experience, helping customers accelerate their digital transformation journeys.”

“In today’s rapidly evolving business ecosystem, the industry’s hunger for cloud-based solutions from strategic partners has become more than just a trend – it’s an essential survival strategy,” said Steve White, program vice president, Channels and Alliances at IDC. “Embracing cloud-based collaborations isn’t just a matter of staying ahead; it’s the key to unlocking unparalleled agility for customers, and competitiveness today and in the future for those partnering.”