Lenovo to Showcase its Latest Advancements in AI-Enabled Technology at GITEX 2023

Alaa Bawab, General Manager, Lenovo Infrastructure Solutions Group, MEA talks about their participation at GITEX Global and explains that the highlight of this year’s GITEX would be the Lenovo TruScale solution and the latest advancements in AI-enabled technologies at the show.

How would you describe Lenovo ISG and why is the main objective of participating at GITEX Global this year?
In a nutshell, Lenovo Infrastructure Solutions Group (ISG) is our smart infrastructure solutions wing that provides for businesses and organisations of all sizes. We use our insights, solutions and technologies to power the data-centered heart of smarter retail, manufacturing, smart cities, smart healthcare and beyond.

At GITEX 2023, we are aligning with the mega-event’s theme of “The Year to Imagine AI in Everything” and adopting a holistic approach towards showcasing the seamless integration of AI in our daily lives. This is made possible with the power of AI and High-Performance Computing, which we will help customers understand through an immersive experience. The experience will show how Lenovo rives the use of AI in technology that we use every day, from our buildings, grocery shops, offices, classrooms, to critical infrastructure such as citizen safety, energy, civil defense, and aviation logistics among others.

What products or solutions will you be exhibiting throughout the weeklong technology show?
Along with our dedicated experience zone, we will also be showcasing our latest innovations in the tech space. One key innovation that we will highlight is the Lenovo TruScale solution. This flagship solution empowers organizations with the flexibility of a cloud-like, pay-as-you-go model for their on-premises infrastructure. This means they can scale their computing, storage, and networking resources up or down as needed, without the burden of upfront capital expenses.

What are the major trends influencing the enterprise storage and data center business in the Middle East?
One of the biggest trends in the industry is the large-scale adoption of AI solutions. In this scenario, there is an increasing demand for hardware that is stronger and smarter. At Lenovo, we develop our solutions with AI development in mind, acting as a catalyst in the adoption of AI. This aligns well with our overarching 3S strategy, which consists of more powerful infrastructure with GPUs, NPUs or heterogeneous computing and more powerful devices. This not only helps us keep up with the trends, but also ensures future-proofing, accessibility and security.

How do you support your channel partners?
At Lenovo we follow our Lenovo 360 strategy, a first-of-its-kind global channel partner framework that is designed to provide easier access to Lenovo’s portfolio including devices, infrastructure, services and solutions. This framework will help our channel partners capitalize service-led and solutions based opportunity with their customers to drive additional revenue.

This strategy is designed keeping in mind and in collaboration with Lenovo’s channel partners. It unifies global channel team structures and empowers workforce productivity, collaboration, infrastructure flexibility, sustainability improvements and industry specific solutions. It also includes trainings, certifications and channel marketing playbooks.

In such a competitive market, what value do you offer to partners that they should work with you?
At Lenovo we believe in being present with our customers at every stage of their day, enabling smarter commute, education and even a smarter workplace. In this context, we are now in a world where there has been an explosion of AI and data, bringing in a requirement for smart hardware devices, HPC, and data centers, all of which fall within our offerings.

Additionally, with this growth in data, it is crucial to have data centers that provide greater efficiency and sustainability. As an early adopter, Lenovo’s data centers use liquid cooling while also being a brand that implements sustainable practices at every crucial stage of our product cycles, whether it is recyclable material in our hardware, sustainable practices in our supply chain, carbon offset programs for consumers and liquid cooled data centers.

With these offerings, Lenovo marks itself as a key partner within the tech space, one that brings in years of product and technical experience.

What does your company hope to achieve at the end of the show?
We are incredibly thrilled to be a part of GITEX 2023 as it is a cornerstone event of innovation and technology. The event welcomes some of the latest and greatest minds in the industry, making it an ideal event for us to be present. As we see it, this is a great opportunity for Lenovo to showcase our latest advancements in AI-enabled technology. We also look forward to engage with our customers and partners, hearing firsthand about their evolving needs and challenges.

Where can visitors find Lenovo ISG at the show?
With are in booth number H6-A50.