BenQ Showcased Its Innovative Range At GITEX 2023

BenQ showcased its innovative range of products and solutions at GITEX 2023 as it unveiled its latest models of projectors, monitors and interactive displays.

The company showcased its first EDLA-certified interactive displays, BenQ Board Pro RP04 and the BenQ Board Master RM04, which now offer full support for Google Mobile Services (GMS) and are officially certified by the Google Enterprise Devices Licensing Agreement (EDLA).

GMS is Google’s collection of applications and APIs. These boards also safeguard user data by offering encrypted network communications and proxy-level security options. The new BenQ Boards also offer health-focused features, such as Eyesafe Certified 2.0 screens and Air quality sensors. BenQ also hosts its cloud services on a secure AWS cloud infrastructure. This integration fosters an interactive and collaborative environment in both offices and classrooms.

Additionally, the smart boards come equipped with powerful tools like EZWrite 6, an innovative whiteboarding software, and InstaShare 2, a wireless screen-sharing solution. EZWrite 6 enables corporates and educators to conduct engaging sessions and utilize specialized tools, while InstaShare 2 allows up to 9 persons to share and control their screens simultaneously, promoting collaborative work and learning.

BenQ’s projectors have been meticulously designed to cater to many needs, from corporate presentations to immersive home entertainment. BenQ’s innovative projectors offer Full HD resolution, ensuring sharp and clear images. The PW03 interactive kit and EU610ST projectors offer Full HD resolution, ensuring sharp and clear images and interactivity, whereas the LH730, equipped with a UST Lens, offers superior brightness and colour accuracy. These projectors are perfect for creating an immersive cinema-like experience at home or a professional presentation setting at work.

BenQ also showcased its portable GV31 projector, which provides ultimate convenience and mobility, alongside the W4000i 4K Home projector, offering ultra-high-definition visuals for a stunning cinematic experience.

The X3000i Gaming projector takes gaming to a new level with its high refresh rate and low input lag. Moreover, BenQ’s unique shelving with projection mapping for these four projector models at the event allowed for a captivating display that truly showcased the capabilities of these projectors in different scenarios at GITEX 2023. BenQ offers a full range of Portable, Gaming, Home Cinema, Corporate & Education from Full HD to Laser Projectors. All these projectors exemplify BenQ’s commitment to blending advanced technology with user-centric design to provide exceptional visual experiences.

On the other hand, BenQ’s monitors, recognized globally for their exceptional image quality and performance, were also on full display at GITEX 2023. The XL2655K Esports Monitor, with its 360Hz refresh rate, offers ultra-smooth gameplay for competitive gamers. The GW2790QT and GW3290QT White Monitors, featuring a sleek white design, are perfect for stylish yet functional monitors. The PD3205UA Designer Monitor has an ergonomically designed arm for enhanced comfort during long working hours, while the SW272U Photography Monitor provides colour-accurate visuals ideal for photographers and designers.

Lastly, the MOBIUZ EX3210U and EX270QM Monitors promise immersive gaming experiences with impressive refresh rates and high resolutions. Each monitor is meticulously crafted to cater to a specific user need, from gaming and professional use to home entertainment, embodying BenQ’s mission to enhance experiences through technology.

“BenQ is not just about creating products; we’re about enhancing experiences,” said Manish Bakshi, Managing Director at BenQ Middle East. “This year at GITEX, we gave visitors a unique opportunity to discover how our advanced solutions can enrich their personal and professional lives. At BenQ, we’re constantly pushing the boundaries of technology to create solutions that make life simpler, more productive, and more enjoyable. From our award-winning projectors to our advanced monitors, we’re excited to have showcased how our innovations can transform workspaces, classrooms, and even gaming experiences,” he added.