Kissflow To Award Tesla Model 3 To Middle East Channel Partners

Kissflow has unveiled its innovative new Partner Program to enable Middle East channel organisations to capitalise on the US$50 billion Low-code market.

The program features an unmatched potential for commissions and rebates, unrestricted access to a world-class training program, and the flexibility to support its partners’ preferred go-to-market model. The company announced this during the first annual Partner Summit held at the iconic Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai, and attended by 65 channel executives.

The company also announced that it will award the iconic Tesla Model 3 to channel organisations that achieve sales goals over a 12-month period. Kissflow CEO, Suresh Sambandam, who last year made headlines for marking the company’s 10th anniversary by gifting brand new 5-Series BMW cars to senior executives said, “At Kissflow, we have an unparalleled appreciation for our employees and partners and have therefore shattered the restrictive structure of traditional partner programs. Following meticulous market research, we have designed our new program to maximise partner profitability by offering the region’s most lucrative rewards. Backed by our powerful and intuitive Low-code Platform, this enables partners to rapidly cater to the region’s growing demand for digital transformation, customised enterprise app development and process automation – all while reaping the highest margins.”

Kissflow’s new partner program is geared towards channel partners that target the enterprise segment. While other vendors tie rewards and benefits to rigid tiering systems that require partners to make significant investments of time and capital, Kissflow has instead opted to tailor the program benefits to the unique needs and ambitions of each of its partners. As a result, these organisations have the potential to reap the industry’s highest percentage of commissions and rebates. Moreover, Kissflow is the only vendor that offers commissions not only at the time of initial sale, but also for annual renewals.

Partners signing up with Kissflow will also gain unrestricted, free access to the vendor’s world-class training resources, thereby enabling them to rapidly ramp up skillsets. The company will also host dedicated in-person training sessions on the request of its partners. “The benefits of our program aren’t in any way tied to the number of trained resources a partner has. In fact, we have intentionally avoided creating certifications while still investing heavily to provide our partners with all the resources they need to develop the highest levels of technical competency in the area of Low-code,” said Sambandam.