Perfect Corp. introduces an AI solution for skin care

Perfect Corp. has announced the launch of a new experience set to revolutionize the shopping journeys for Valmont customers. In coordination with the launch of V-FIRM, a trio of expert treatments aimed at restoring the volume and firmness of the skin, Valmont consumers can now also experience a new online shopping journey that is both personalized and interactive.

Ultra-Precise Skin Analysis Measuring 5 Key Metrics
Perfect Corp.’s AI solution, combined with Valmont’s scientific expertise, enables consumers in more than 50 countries to obtain a detailed skin analysis and a personalized beauty routine in seconds. The ultra-precise skin analysis experience uses the latest advancements in deep learning to offer visitors a highly-precise analysis, giving users a unique skin score across five distinct indicators: wrinkles, spots, hydration, radiance and fatigue.

Delivering Personalized Skincare Routines through AI Technology
By analyzing the results of the skin scan with AI technology, the ultra-fast and reliable tool is able to recommend a personalized Valmont skincare routine to each shopper. The tailor-made skincare regimen composes products to target the unique issues identified, giving users a truly one-of-a-kind, personalized experience.

Meeting Consumer Demands by Creating Unique Experiences
“Consumers of luxury cosmetics are extremely savvy and demanding. The integration of this diagnostics offers them a mean to ensure consumers will buy the best solution for their specific needs when they buy online and moving forward assist our beauty advisors to be more effective in providing adequate recommendations. The professionalism and experience of Perfect Corp is a real asset for Valmont to demonstrate our clients the consistency of the superior experience of the brand, and importantly offline to online”, Fabienne Le Tadic, Valmont Group Chief Strategy Officer.

“We are delighted to have partnered with Valmont to power a holistic skincare shopping experience complete with dermatologist-verified skin analysis and highly-personalized product recommendation” said Perfect Corp. Founder and CEO, Alice Chang. “Our AI Skin Analysis solution allows brands to tap into market demand for unique online shopping journeys and offer high-touch digital experiences to their customers”.