Aramex partners with Sprinklr to boost digital customer service

Sprinklr has announced that Aramex is using Sprinklr Modern Care to improve the efficiency and scale of its digital customer service in line.

Aramex will be using Sprinklr’s AI chatbots in four languages to automate responses to common inquiries while driving positive customer experiences at a lower cost than live human interactions.

In order to increase its operational efficiency, Aramex is working to implement AI to automate tedious global customer service processes. The company is consolidating its contact centre on Sprinklr’s unified platform to serve customers with speed and efficiency on every major channel – including live chat, email, and WhatsApp.

More than 400 Aramex customer service agents will use Sprinklr’s Conversational AI and Bots to manage customer inquiries across digital channels in multiple languages – all from a single Sprinklr dashboard. With Sprinklr, Aramex will be improving and transforming the overall customer experience with fast, effective, and efficient customer service at scale.

“Our focus on quickly responding to changing customer preferences has helped Aramex successfully introduce market leading express delivery and logistics solutions to the Middle East and beyond,” said Moe Abeidat, VP of Technology at Aramex. “As customers increasingly prefer to connect with us across digital channels, we’re thrilled to have Sprinklr’s support in helping us exceed customer expectations and create a unified, digital customer service strategy.”

“Over the past 40 years, Aramex has rapidly evolved into a global brand recognised for its comprehensive logistics and transportation solutions that focus on putting the customer’s preferences first. We’re honoured to have the opportunity to help Aramex maintain its customer-first focus by building a digital global customer service centre on Sprinklr’s unified platform,” said Haitham Elkhatib, Vice President of MEA, Sprinklr.