Multipoint Group sets up base in Turkey

Leading cybersecurity distributors, Multipoint Group announced the opening of its new office in Istanbul and also the appointment of İzzet Altunal to the position of Country Sales Manager. İzzet studied Electronics and Communication Engineering at Yıldız Technical University and worked for Exclusive Networks, Trend Micro and Inforte as a sales executive for many years.

Multipoint continues to represent many innovative cyber security manufacturers in the region with success. It contributes to the cyber security market through many innovative cyber security products such as information security, DDOS, identity management, vulnerability detection and monitoring solutions, data diode IoT, etc.

”We are pleased to announce that İzzet Altunal has been appointed as Turkey Sales Manager. We are happy to work with İzzet. His extensive experience in both business development and sales management has made him a strong candidate for the position. His strong bond with the partner ecosystem in the Turkish market, his ability to motivate a team, as well as his knowledge in sales and business development make him an ideal candidate,” says Ricardo Resnik the CEO of Multipoint Group.

“I believe that the products successfully distributed by Multipoint will greatly contribute to meeting the current and near future critical cyber security needs of many customers in Turkey and Central Asia. At the same time, I think that the business partners in Turkey will add these products to their solution sets and increase the added value they will offer to their customers. The contribution of Multipoint Group to the cyber security market in Turkey and central Asia is exciting. I am honored and happy to start this journey together. I would like to thank Mr. Ricardo Resnik and the whole team for their trust in me. I am happy and excited about all the successful projects we will do with our business partners in Turkey and the contribution we will make to our customers together” As stated by İzzet Altunal.