UAE-headquartered Virtuzone to Build an Office Tower in the Metaverse

UAE-based Virtuzone, a leader in company formation and corporate services, has unveiled its plan to build a flagship metaverse office tower in partnership with, a blockchain metaverse with an early-mover advantage.

Purposefully designed to meet the needs of a burgeoning global digital nomad economy, the ground-breaking metaverse office tower, named The V, will provide an interactive, end-to-end ecosystem for digital nomads, remote workers and global entrepreneurs.

The V will house a state-of-the-art virtual office environment, and will offer a host of features that individuals can use simultaneously, such as metaverse avatars, online video conferencing and communication capabilities, virtual meeting rooms, event spaces, town halls and more.

In addition to providing a wholly digital environment where entrepreneurs can seamlessly connect and network, The V integrates real-world corporate services and business solutions, thus providing a truly global and real-time solution. These services include global banking services, accounting and auditing, Know Your Customer (KYC) and compliance procedures, visas, and HR solutions.

The V also enables businesses to establish highly tax-efficient legal entities, utilise legal decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) structures and benefit from real-world office spaces and mailing addresses, backed by a digitalised mail distribution system.

The iconic metaverse skyscraper is meant to attract and provide a virtual headquarters to millions of digital nomads around the world, further foster and strengthen the UAE’s digital economy, attract foreign direct investment and cater to the changing needs of today’s modern entrepreneurs and remote workers.

George Hojeige, CEO of Virtuzone, said: “It is our vision as a company to be at the helm of creating a borderless business environment, where geographical boundaries do not exist and entrepreneurs from all over the world enjoy the freedom to do business and transact with one another in a secure environment. Working hand in hand with signifies our solid commitment to making this a reality and to creating a future filled with possibilities and opportunities for startups, professionals and multinational corporations, especially in the Web 3.0 space.”

Frank Fitzgerald, Founder of, said: “Virtuzone is the perfect partner for our professionally-based metaverse. They will serve as a launch pad for Dubai-based businesses to enter the world of Web3. We are excited and look forward to endless possibilities.”