Why an open future is essential for networks?

The telecom sector has witnessed rapid changes in recent times and the pace will only accelerate as newer and more advanced technologies come to the fore. By 2030, the metaverse will be well on the way to becoming reality, combining concepts like digital twins, extended reality (XR) and digital-physical fusion to create, collaborate and communicate in ways mankind is just starting to imagine.

The evolution from 5G to 5G-Advanced and then to 6G will require the network to reinvent itself in a new avatar, right from how it’s designed, built, operated, maintained and monetized. Hence, the step-up to a next-generation open network is imperative. A reliable, high-performance, secure and robust open network that can meet the demands of the future – connect people and intelligent machines instantaneously while shouldering vast volumes of data is critical if the world is to achieve superior levels of efficiency, automation and sustainability.

“Nobody can do this alone anymore,” says Jonne Soininen, Head of Open Source initiatives at Nokia, and a member of the Nokia Strategy and Technology organization responsible for producing the company’s Technology Vision 2030. “You need ecosystems, you need partners, you need co-operation.”

Openness assumes huge significance since networks will need to evolve extensively to support new applications. Nokia’s vision for 2030 sees the network build certain capacities that will require open collaboration at both the business and technology level.

The idea of a “network of networks” that will seamlessly bind fixed, mobile and satellite networks to provide universal, high-speed, high-capacity coverage is premised upon open standards that requires the collaboration of the telecoms industry and beyond. Communications Service Providers (CSPs) will have to partner with webscalers, Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), hardware providers and others to develop specialist solutions. This would also signal a big shift in operating model – from sole provider to ecosystem player.

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