Huawei unveils new intelligent solutions to accelerate digital transformation

At MWC Barcelona 2022, Huawei announced the launch of new intelligent solutions to empower enterprises and telcos, power the digital economy, and accelerate digital transformation across various industries.

On the enterprise front, Huawei showcased a variety of solutions including:

• All-new upgrades to its Intelligent Cloud-Network Solution. This includes upgrades in three major domains — CloudCampus 3.0, CloudWAN 3.0, and CloudFabric 3.0, releasing non-stop computing power and intelligence to every enterprise.
• The intelligent universal-service router NetEngine 8000 F8. The solution features reliable architecture, ultra-high density, and 10GE FlexE slicing, helping customers from sectors such as finance, energy, and transportation to build more agile and intelligent networks.
• A new disaster recovery & backup service solution to enable enterprises to achieve higher reliability and resilience in cloud scenarios, and ensure service migration to the cloud. The launch recognizes that threats such as natural disasters, software and hardware faults, viruses, and other service interruptions can cause severe economic losses and even affect people’s livelihood.
• The Intelligent Power Transmission Line Inspection Solution 2.0 for the energy sector. Through two sub-solutions — channel visualization and tower foundation safety — Huawei addresses some of the key issues in helping electric power enterprises with manual line inspection and tower foundation perimeter safety.

Looking at the future of network design, a new study was also unveiled at MWC 2022 about the autonomous driving network. The whitepaper, commissioned by Huawei and conducted by Forrester Consulting, discusses how enterprise data centers are transforming to modern cloud data centers represented by “multi-cloud and hybrid deployment”, while DCNs are shifting from Level 3 to Level 4. The study also urges automation growth, along with suggesting ways that enterprise data center networks can evolve towards a higher level of autonomy.

Meanwhile at MWC 2022, Huawei unveiled new solutions and strategies to support telecom operators, including:

• Calling for the ICT industry to recognize the importance of 6GHz as 5G/IMT Spectrum to the mobile industry. Together with a consortium of leading operators and other ecosystem players, Huawei jointly initiated and organized discussions on 6GHz, with regulatory bodies from various counties expressing their support for 6GHz as spectrum to support mobile traffic growth and social digitalization.
• Daisy Zhu, Vice President of Huawei Wireless Network Marketing, outlined the company’s plans to continue developing solutions that help telecom operators reduce network energy consumption without adversely affecting the performance.
• For its work in mobile network infrastructure, Huawei’s FDD Gigaband MIMO series won the GSMA GLOMO ‘Best Mobile Network Infrastructure’ award, presented at MWC 2022.