Group-IB in partnership with South African value-added distributor, Corr-Serve

Group-IB, has signed a partnership agreement with South African value-added distributor, Corr-Serve to bolster its cyber security portfolio with the full stack Group-IB’s solutions and services, dedicated to detecting and preventing cyber attacks, including with cyber threat intelligence, in-depth attack analysis and effective incident response.

According to a recent Hi-Tech Crime Trends 2021/2022 report, South African enterprises were the most frequent targets of the sellers of access to compromised networks in H2 2020 – H1 2021 in Africa. South Africa’s share accounted for almost 25% of the total number of access sales in Africa during the reporting period. A sharp increase in the number of offers to sell access to compromised corporate networks became one of the underlying trends on the cyber crime arena. Initial access brokers actively partner with ransomware operators, removing the need for them to break into corporate networks on their own.

To address these ever-evolving cyber threats in the region, Group-IB makes its full gamut of highly sophisticated software and hardware solutions designed to monitor, identify and prevent cyber threats available for the resellers in the Corr-Serve fold. Group-IB’s flagship products were named one of the best in class by Gartner, Forrester, IDC, Frost & Sullivan, and KuppingerCole Analysts include Threat Intelligence & Attribution, Threat Hunting Framework, Digital Risk Protection, Fraud Hunting Platform, Asset Zero (Attack Surface Management) and Group-IB Atmosphere (Cloud Email Protection). Additionally, the Corr-Serve reseller network will benefit from Group-IB’s cyber security service wing. The partnership allows Corr-Serve to bolster its cyber security portfolio with globally recognised products and services guarding companies in more than 60 countries against known and unknown threats to digital assets.

“Group-IB’s adversary-centric approach, based on 18 years of experience, brings a much-needed solution to South African shores,” says Mark van Vuuren, Product Director at Corr-Serve. “With identity fraud on the rise, reportedly over 330% last year, solutions that help prevent and investigate are critical at this point in time. We’re proud to be able to add the best online fraud detection and enterprise fraud management solutions to our books.”

Corr-Serve has a strong and established network that covers a number of business sectors and industry specialisations in both public and private organisations.

“We see our partnership with Corr-Serve as an opportunity to assist in reducing cyber crime by providing companies with a clear understanding of the threats and adversaries relevant to them, as well as the tools to defend against attacks,” says Nicholas Palmer, Head of Global Business at Group-IB. “Group-IB has been leveraging this adversary-centric focus in all its products to defend its customers against particular threats that pertain to their infrastructure. Armed with the right information, businesses can proactively hunt for cyber criminals and shield their network infrastructure against possible attacks.”