Vectra AI announces the availability of Vectra Detect in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Vectra AI has announced the availability of Vectra Detect in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, an online store providing applications and services for use on Microsoft Azure. Vectra customers can now take advantage of the scalability, high availability, and security of Azure, with streamlined deployment and management.

The Vectra Detect built-in web interface enables security analysts to efficiently prioritize their investigations starting with the most critical, provides an overview of all accounts and hosts exhibiting suspicious behaviour, identifies campaigns involving multiple hosts, and is enabled to break down individual detections for further investigation. Vectra Detect Workbooks for Azure Sentinel offer customers a range of benefits including:

• Automated incidents in Azure Sentinel based on configurable threat and certainty score thresholds from Vectra
• Forensic analysis on incidents to identify and pinpoint the devices, accounts, and attackers involved in any given situation
• Vectra detections direct to enterprise Azure Sentinel workbooks for the immediate attention of SOC teams

“In enterprise situations, where there is often an ecosystem of tools in use at once, Azure Sentinel is uniquely enabled to provide one single interface for multiple tools,” said Randy Schirman, VP of Service Delivery at Vectra AI. “To further enhance the incident response capabilities of Azure Sentinel, Vectra has created custom connectors and workbooks that can be deployed within the platform to provide high-fidelity alerts with context detailed to accelerate time to detect and time to respond.”