InterSystems introduces the latest version of its TrackCare Electronic Medical Record Systems

InterSystems has announced the availability of the latest version of its TrakCare Electronic Medical Record System; T2020. The latest version comes with the COVID functionality built into it. The company has also made several COVID-19 enhancements available for free to users of earlier versions.


T2020 delivers an enhanced user experience, informed by clinical users from around the world to get right to the heart of improved clinician workflows. The intuitive and responsive mobile interface that scales across different devices, has been developed to reflect the platforms people already use in their personal lives, driving user adoption, reducing training time and accelerating processes to save clinicians time.

The new version of TrakCare also introduces Encounter Record, centralizing all patient records and related documentation into a single, unified workspace that surfaces the information needed at the right time. T2020 also provides nurse clinicians with intuitive and structured frameworks for determining a patient’s problem, deciding an action plan, and monitoring for outcomes to improve the delivery of care with a holistic approach.

The latest version of TrakCare has incorporated functionality to empower organizations to be more agile. InterSystems has added pre-configurations and new analyzer interfaces to T2020, enabling lab clinicians to focus on the smaller percentage of testing that requires human intervention.

The latest version now integrates with Skype, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Attend Anywhere and other telecommunication platforms thereby help address the challenge of those patients unable to attend consultations in person, by delivering telehealth capabilities alongside the ability to surface unified, healthy data at the point of delivery.

The 2020 version of TrakCare also introduces Remote Workbench, a new streamlined workflow for long-distance rural care, remote care centers and remote patient retrieval. The offering supports clinicians in identifying when rural patients require testing, vaccinations, and even medical evacuation in the case of an emergency.

Based on the InterSystems IRIS for Health data platform, T2020 offers interoperability with HL7 SMART on FHIR to ensure optimal security, reliability and minimal downtime. The latest version is easily adoptable due to its lightweight footprint.