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HPE announces a series of as-a-Service offerings

HPE announces a series of as-a-Service offerings


Hewlett Packard Enterprise announced a number of as-a-Service offerings and initiatives to help partners expand revenue opportunities, accelerate delivery and transform client relationships. These new HPE GreenLake cloud services and software offerings optimized for the edge, data center and co-location facilities deliver new levels of speed and innovation to customers. HPE also announced plans to integrate partners onto HPE GreenLake Central to expand partner collaboration and as-a-Service sales with customers. Additionally, HPE unveiled updates to the HPE Pro Series programs to help HPE’s channel partners enhance learning and increase their solution expertise.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

HPE has unveiled :

Accelerated Delivery of HPE GreenLake

The new generation of HPE GreenLake cloud services provides an accelerated delivery experience for partners and their customers. Partners can quickly respond to customer demand with streamlined delivery – from order to run in as few as 14 days. Based on pre-integrated building blocks, the new cloud services are now available in small, medium and large configurations, and rapidly scalable. With this standardized, solution-centric approach, partners can more easily provide quotes to customers.

New HPE GreenLake Cloud Services for Distributed Environments

Partners can now offer their customers new, best-in-class cloud services through a catalog on HPE GreenLake Central. These services, which can all be deployed and run in the customers’ environment, include:
• Cloud services for Containers
• Cloud services for Virtual Machines, Storage, Compute
• Cloud services for Data Protection
• Cloud services for Networking

Collaborative Opportunities with HPE GreenLake Central

HPE GreenLake Central is the advanced software platform that provides customers with a consistent cloud experience for all their applications and data through an operational console that runs, manages and optimizes their entire hybrid IT estate. The platform allows users to get up-to-date information about their costs, capacity, or status of HPE GreenLake cloud services through a simple point-and-click interface. HPE is actively integrating partners end-to-end across HPE GreenLake Central, and in 2021, partners will have their own access to the platform, providing them a unified view of customer data and further opportunities to engage with customers or sell additional services.

New HPE GreenLake for Partners Program Offerings

Partners can now sell the following HPE GreenLake cloud services via the HPE GreenLake for Partners Program:
HPE GreenLake Expanded Storage Partner Ecosystem
To better support customers in their digital transformation efforts, partners must be able to offer choice and a broad range of consumption opportunities within the HPE GreenLake experience. In addition to the HPE GreenLake converged data management and modern file storage cloud services offerings with Cohesity and Qumulo, respectively, partners can now offer scalable object storage with Scality RING and consumption-based data protection with Veeam.

HPE GreenLake Management Services
HPE is helping partners on the journey from value-added reseller (VAR) to managed service provider (MSP) by extending the capability to sell HPE GreenLake Management Services, thus providing additional recurring revenue opportunities. This suite of services can be added to HPE GreenLake offers to help manage, operate and optimize infrastructure in addition to apps and workloads in specialized environments, such as SAP HANA or Hadoop.

Container Enablement

HPE is offering new learning opportunities for partners to build practices and skills related to containers. Container and Software competencies are being integrated into the HPE Partner Ready program, and HPE is expanding content on the HPE Ezmeral Container Platform to be available via HPE Sales Pro and HPE Tech Pro.

Enhanced Learning Experiences Through HPE Pro Series

HPE is announcing significant enhancements to the three “Pro” programs:

HPE Sales Pro
The new learning experience offered by HPE Sales Pro links HPE and partner sales professionals to innovative enablement, training and learning — all in one place. HPE Sales Pro makes it easy to find new, succinct training modules, including videos, podcasts, gamification and a video recording tool for sales teams to practice pitches and assess performance in real time. Sellers can build custom learning programs aligned to role and mastery level, quickly and easily enhance their skills, expand their knowledge of the HPE portfolio, and drive an outcome-focused selling approach.

HPE Tech Pro
HPE Tech Pro has expanded continuous learning badges and introduced new segment-focused content with the launch of the specialized SMB portal experience, an accelerated virtual event strategy that enables partners to take exams and certify at a deep discounts or for free, and new competencies to help partners embrace an outcome-based solution selling approach. The community now also provides a localized portal in 13 languages.

HPE Marketing Pro
Formerly the HPE Partner Ready Digital Marketing Program, HPE Marketing Pro provides tailored content, learning opportunities and resources to help partners advance their end-to-end marketing effectiveness and drive growth with HPE. The HPE Marketing Pro Learning Center is now available in seven local languages and includes an accreditation option. Through intuitive, immersive campaign guides and campaign blueprints tailored for different marketing objectives, partners benefit from enhanced tools to help them deliver integrated digital campaigns and personalized experiences for customers.



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