Home Digital Transformation DORIS, Schneider Electric and AVEVA announce a strategic partnership
DORIS, Schneider Electric and AVEVA announce a strategic partnership

DORIS, Schneider Electric and AVEVA announce a strategic partnership


DORIS Group, Schneider Electric and AVEVA have agreed to develop a strategic partnership to deliver Digital Twin technology for the upstream oil and gas markets. These new solutions will support the goals of oil & gas organizations to improve asset performance, increase sustainability and maximize return on capital on projects.

Craig Hayman, CEO AVEVA

The three companies will combine offerings to bring engineering capabilities, an asset lifecycle software solution and digital specialization in order to create a fully formed digital twin to serve as a backbone for improving performance for the upstream sector. The new solution will:

• Bring new assets on stream faster through the use of cloud-enabled software that improves collaboration and increases engineering efficiencies

• Deliver enhanced safety leading to better business outcomes

• Improve traceability through a single point of accountability

• Enable remote operations and production assurance through a fully functional Living Digital Twin that mirrors all aspects of the operating asset

Together, DORIS, AVEVA and Schneider Electric will offer a structured digital and collaborative solution across the lifecycle of projects that will help oil & gas owner-operators address many of these challenges.

Craig Hayman, CEO AVEVA, commented, “Leaders driving the next wave of transformation are moving quickly and that’s why this partnership with Schneider Electric and DORIS Group is so opportune. Our common aim is to support organizations on their digital journey, especially in the current environment, helping them accelerate the use of digital technology, realize the value of a digital twin and also work towards a more sustainable future. It’s never been easier to begin a digital transformation program, as access to cloud computing, great connectivity, a merged edge and enterprise combined with analytics and machine learning, means that the ability to digitally drive productivity improvements into the industrial world is now unprecedented.”



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