Genetec unveils Genetec Mission Control to automate screening process

Genetec is working with customers on new ways of using Genetec Mission Control to help automate the screening process for employees and visitors entering facilities.

Security Desk Screening dashboard

Genetec Mission Control is a collaborative decision management system that is already widely used by airports, critical infrastructure organizations and security departments to coordinate incident response through greater situational intelligence and guided action. Mission Control can also be used to streamline screening processes and ensure accurate record-keeping. The system digitizes the screening questionnaire used by the organization and walks admission personnel through each step to identify individuals requiring additional assessment. It also centralizes the data collected and automates supervisor notification. With Mission Control, customers can significantly speed up the screening process while maintaining safety compliance and minimizing operational disruption.

Whereas most solutions either require custom coding or the involvement of the manufacturer, Mission Control provides an intuitive configuration interface that lets administrators create a tailored questionnaire to guide personnel performing the screening and automatically identify the need for additional verification.

Key features of Mission Control for screening applications include:

Centralized data: Mission Control leverages data from connected security systems to streamline screening, eliminating the need to extract and record data in multiple locations.

Guided operating procedures: the system automatically identifies individuals requiring secondary screening based on questionnaire responses, instead of relying on personnel following offline procedures.

Automation: when employees are delayed by secondary screening or sent back home to self-isolate, data is automatically tracked, and managers and employees can receive a copy of the screening questionnaire.

Dashboards: using Security Center dashboards, customers can keep track of the latest screening metrics to measure efficiency, track trends and assess resource allocation, as well as the impact of screening on an organization.

Mission Control offers an intuitive design and administration interface. Procedures can be created and customized in a few clicks, so that screening staff can easily keep up with changes to guidelines. Its centralized data collection provides real-time data from each screening station.