World’s first innovative digital platform for telecom services launched in the UAE launch the beta version for world’s first platform combining search, marketplace and customer community for telecom services in the UAE that will help customers to discover, compare and make informed decisions about mobile and broadband plans and home services.

aladdin.lifeCustomers will be connected to a marketplace and will also be able to rate and share their experiences on an AI-powered customer community. Authorised sellers, including physical retailers, will be able to plug into the marketplace to get online customer traffic.

Research by has revealed that only 20% of UAE customers believe they are on the best mobile plan that suits their needs, while 70% believe they can save moderate to significant amount by moving to the best plan. A similar 70% have not switched to their best plan because they don’t know what plans are available or anticipate difficulties in switching. These findings are consistent with global trends in the industry. Customers worldwide have difficulties navigating and finding the right plan and cannot keep up with frequent prices changes and promotions. addresses these challenges through innovative solutions based on promoting transparency, choice and convenience. ‘Genie’ search helps existing customers maximize the value of their current spend or increase savings. This is done by instantly matching their basic usage pattern with hundreds of price plans offered by UAE operators. Bazaar is a unique online marketplace complete with online and online-to-offline shopping. It features the UAE’s largest collection of mobile plans with sims and devices and includes 1000+ mobile price plans and 1500+ device instalment plans offered by UAE operators.

Subhra Das, Founder & CEO,, said “A vast majority of mobile consumers in the UAE think they are not on the right plan, and that the packages they have do not match their needs and budgets. The situation has been exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic. We help customers, particularly during this crisis, with ways to save them time, effort and money.

“We are waking up to a new hyper-digital future where we anticipate customers moving from conspicuous to more conscious consumption habits. We are facilitating this transition by introducing a “Customer First” platform designed for customers to be in charge.”

Osman Sultan, Chairman of, remarked “ is a re-imagination of the entire buying experience in the telco industry and one that is focused to help customers take informed decisions. The platform supports the efforts of digital transformation in the UAE by creating an ecosystem that helps cooperation and partnership between all stakeholders and maximizes value for each of them.”