Kodak Alaris’ goes virtual with its annual partner summit

Kodak Alaris announced that over 200 partners joined its first virtual Partner Summit, after its annual partner conference for the EMEA region in Vienna from April 21 – 23 was cancelled in the light of COVID-19 crisis.

Don Lofstrom, President & General Manager at Alaris

Alaris President & General Manager Don Lofstrom confirmed that despite the challenges presented by the current global pandemic, Kodak Alaris’ performance in the financial year ended March 31 was strong overall. In his address to partners, he provided an update on the impact of COVID-19 on the business and the marketplace over the past four months, as well as steps Kodak Alaris has taken to minimise disruption to its customers.

“Employee safety and supply chain management have been at the forefront of the company’s focus,” Lofstrom said. “Our supply chain is now intact and strong, our manufacturing sites in China are up and running at nearly full capacity. Scanner production is over 95 percent capacity now compared with 40 percent in March. Our secondary supply chain partners are also beginning to normalise, although we continue to monitor this very carefully in certain regions.”

Whilst March brought some delays and slippage to orders, Lofstrom said that this month has seen increased demand from a number of sectors including healthcare and logistics. “Work from home mandates are also creating market needs for digitization and remote collaboration solutions that involve our digital capture and software offers” he explained, adding: “We have also increased our use of remote monitoring and service to ensure we keep customers up and running, and do continue to provide essential on-site service in locations where government mandates allow.”

66% of partners who attended the virtual event said that COVID-19 had ‘considerably changed’ their business and that they were looking to change their business strategy. Lofstrom said that Kodak Alaris is thinking outside the box, looking for opportunities to offer expertise to help partners overcome these new challenges.

Kodak Alaris is well positioned to help partners capitalise on the opportunity with offerings including its partner-centric, cloud-connected scanning solution INfuse; usage-based pricing; cloud-based software and managed services including fleet management.

Lofstrom also provided partners with insight into the future roadmap. He confirmed that the INFuse infrastructure has been expanded to work with Amazon and Alibaba (in addition to Microsoft Azure) and announced the launch of a new Windows server edition, new legal flatbed accessory and card reader accessory with availability in late summer. “The low volume production scanning market presents growth opportunity for partners,” Lofstrom said. “To this end we will be launching an updated series of scanners later this year.”

In conclusion, Lofstrom said that partners bring Alaris technology to life and confirmed the company’s commitment to investing in its channel partners.

Kodak Alaris is planning a series of follow-up events designed to keep partners engaged throughout the year. The company will also recognise its partners’ achievements in a virtual awards presentation on May 20th.