SAP Offers Free Technology Tools and Platforms for Future-Proofing

SAP is offering a slew of free technology tools and platforms to customers (and anyone else) to help them not only deal with pandemic-related issues but anticipate what sorts of opportunities the crisis will open up.


It is helping companies redesign their supply chains, and find new sources of supply when existing supply chains are disrupted. They are opening access to the SAP Ariba Discovery network, so any buyer can post their immediate sourcing needs, and any supplier can respond to show they can deliver. It’s free to post, free to respond. Using this network, one SAP customer that is building a new hospital in the US was able to find a supplier with 500 hospital beds in less than 30 minutes.

They’re helping managers check in with their employees. The world went virtual overnight, and any company that hopes to continue operating anywhere near normal levels will need to make sure their workers are okay, safe and healthy – and this doesn’t end in the first week they’re home. We’ve seen a spike in the usage of our free Remote Work Pulse from Qualtrics, which enables companies to detect the sentiment of their employees since the crisis began. The mental health of their employees has to be on the mind of companies.

In Italy,SAP’s presales team developed a Coronavirus dashboard and offered it for free to customers, partners, and communities. The dashboard allows users to analyze the contagion spread in depth, compared to that one included in the Johns Hopkins CSSE dashboard.

The company is supporting the next generation of professionals and users with their best-in-class digital learning, by offering students and subject-matter experts safe and healthy learning environments to continue their education virtually. They’re offering them free access to select learning journeys for students at one of the 3,800 member universities of the SAP University Alliances program, online courses allowing young learners to explore technology, as well as the massive open online courses (MOOCs) have been made available on the open SAP platform.

Many businesses are taking advantage of the ‘locate’ feature within SAP Concur software to track employees stranded overseas. While business travel has abruptly ended, other business expenses tracked by SAP Concur offerings confirm that activity in China is picking up a little.

Together with EY and Qualtrics, its helping governments around the world who are struggling to manage the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes capturing and monitoring community concerns, tracking and reporting on the progression of the virus, providing accurate information on transmission and cure, directing people to the right resources for help, and communicating effectively with their citizens in a time of lockdown.