Z Services in strategic partnership with OneLogin

Z Services has announced a strategic partnership with OneLogin, industry leaders in Unified Access Management, to bring advanced single sign-on, MFA and unified access identity management capabilities solving this critical issue for customers in a solution that addresses applications in the cloud and on-premise.

Matthew Hurley from OneLogin with Nidal Taha from Z Services (R to L)

This will add a critical and differentiating layer to Z Services’ existing and leading cybersecurity-as-a-service portfolio, which customers across the region access in a subscription model, directly from Z Services and from leading telcos.

Nidal Taha, President, Z Services, said: “There is no doubt that OneLogin is a leader in access and identity management, and the primary driver for this relationship was that our visions for security and the future are well aligned. We are confident that this will be a very compelling capability addition to our in-country multi-tenant cloud security infrastructure built for the MENA region. Our customers have come to expect innovative security solutions from us, and, apart from access to the OneLogin suite of solutions, they will also now benefit from OneLogin’s expertise and cloud engine.”

Solutions from OneLogin that will complement the Z Services cybersecurity offering include Identity Management (IM), Single Sign On (SSO), Web Access Management (WAM), Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), and more, all of which will be offered ‘as-a-service’ across the MENA region through Z Services.

Matthew Hurley, VP Global Channels, Strategic Alliances and Professional Services, OneLogin, said: “In the face of growing cybersecurity threats, and with the proliferation of the mobile workforce and BYOD, identity and access management has become more critical than ever. We look forward to building on this partnership with Z Services and working with customers to ensure their security right from sign-on.”