Jedox AG ties-up with Dicetek

Andreas Simon, Director of Sales, EMEA, at Jedox

Jedox AG continued its expansion spree in the Middle East, as it ties-up with Dicetek, a leading Middle East IT solutions and services company offering broad range of SAP HANA, CRM, Big Data and Robotic Process Automation enterprise IT solutions. 

Jedox simplifies planning, analysis and reporting within a single, integrated Corporate Performance Management (CPM) software solution, empowering decision makers and business users across all departments and enabling them to work smarter, streamline business collaboration and make insight-based decisions with confidence. Jedox additionally supports flexible CPM deployments, enabling Dicetek to provide customers across the region with a choice of cloud, subscription or on premise solutions.

“We’re delighted to partner with Dicetek, and we look forward to working closely with them on a range of UAE, Omani and Saudi opportunities – as well as supporting customers that are engaged across their India, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and US regions,” said Jedox CSO, Bernd Eisenblaetter.

Sairam Balasubramanian, CTO – Products & Solutions of Dicetek, commented: “This partnership is already bearing fruit, with Dicetek successfully closing a major Jedox-based contract with a leading retail chain within the region. Moving forward, we’ll be working closely together to position and expand Jedox solutions internationally. Dicetek builds long-lasting relationships with its customers, and we take pride in becoming a preferred partner for most of our customers. Adding Jedox to our CPM portfolio is a smart move, and we’re already working closely to unlock further value for our customers.”

“By leveraging Jedox, organizations have the power to transform the budgeting process, cutting the traditional spreadsheet-based approach by up to 50 percent and freeing up expensive management time while simultaneously improving budget dependability, transparency and control. In addition, the net effect of a centralized business model (supported by collaborative workflow) is a high level of cross-functional participation, a marked improvement in the ‘richness’ (quality) of the budget, better adherence to strategic objectives and a reduction in the number of budget iterations that will dramatically reduce the time taken to arrive at an agreed budget,” added Jedox’s Director of Sales, EMEA, Andreas Simon.