Leviton reveals new Cat 8 Systems for Data Centres

Leviton unveiled its new Atlas-X1 Category 8 Shielded System that offers IT managers a versatile and cost-effective option for 25 and 40 Gb/s in the data centre access layer, using the globally adopted RJ-45 interface on the popular Atlas-X1 platform. The system is fully backwards compatible to Cat 7A, Cat 7, Cat 6A, Cat 6, and Cat 5e cabling products, and provides seamless auto-negotiation between active equipment.

“The Atlas-X1 design simplifies network migration and upgrades, and the new Altas-X1 Category 8 System provides a high-performance solution that is easy to install. The Cat 8 jacks have the same advanced features as all shielded Atlas-X1 Category 6A, 6, and 5e jacks, including icons for clear network identification, a unified form factor for easy migration, and an ultra-fast termination method. The end-to-end system delivers the highest level of performance for 25GBASE-T and 40GBASE-T networks, resulting in a scalable and cost-effective infrastructure that grows as your business grows.” said Mark Dearing, senior product manager, copper, for Leviton Network Solutions.

The complete Atlas-X1 Cat 8 system of connectors, patch cords, patch panels and cable is now available in Middle East.

• The Atlas-X1 Jacks eliminate the need for termination/re-termination tools, and the short connector construction helps in tight spaces. The jacks feature a tine geometry that is optimised for Power over Ethernet (PoE), and patented Retention Force Technology, which protects against tine damage and maintains contact force between plug and jack, preventing arcing due to intermittent disconnects. The Category 8 Atlas-X1 jacks are compatible with Atlas-X1 Shielded QuickPort Patch Panels, and new Atlas-X1 e2XHD Shielded Panels.

• The Atlas-X1 Cat 8 Shielded Patch Cords are dual CMR/LSZH rated, use 26-gauge conductors, and with an outside diameter of 6.2 millimeters have flexibility to support easy cable management. The shielded cable construction provides excellent alien crosstalk suppression and EMI/RFI protection.

• The 22-gauge Atlas-X1 Cat 8 S/FTP Cable has a dual CMR/LSZH rating, and is offered in EuroClass B2ca, Cca, and Dca ratings.

The company claims that all the components and system undergo rigorous testing by independent labs and Atlas-X1 Cat 8 connectivity has been third-party tested to comply with the ISO/IEC 11801 Class I channel standard, and components support PoE applications up to 100 Watts.