Avaya gets EU data protection approvals

Avaya announced that it has received Binding Corporate Rules (BCR) approval as both a data controller and data processor from the European Union data protection authorities.

BCRs are internal rules covering data transfers within multinational companies, wherever that data is located geographically. The company has received BCR approval both as a controller and as a processor of personal data, meaning that the approval spans all Avaya’s personal data handling practices.

Avaya also announced that it is introducing new Data Processing Agreements for all customers and partners covered by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the new statutory framework for data protection in the EU, which comes into effect in May 2018. These agreements fulfil all legal requirements under GDPR, giving customers and resellers the necessary contractual rights to be in control of data entrusted to Avaya to process.

“This is another key milestone for Avaya, demonstrating yet again our commitment to support our customers and partners. By having obtained the BCR approval we can demonstrate to our stakeholders just how seriously we take our data protection responsibilities – and how far we will go to deliver on them,” Commented Andzelika Godek, Avaya Associate General Counsel, Europe, Middle East, Africa