TP-LINK MEA Appoints Assr Al Jawal As Mobile Distributor for UAE

TP-Link Technologies has appointed Assr Al Jawal as its distributor for the Neffos smartphone portfolio in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). According to the vendor, the appointment of Assr Al Jawal as its distribution partner paves the way for the company to further develop its business with independent retailers in the UAE. In terms of the deal, Assr Al Jawal will supply independent retailers in the Emirates with TP-Link’s entire range of Neffos smartphones and accessories.

Lucas Jiang, General Manager, TP-Link MEA FZE, said the company is delighted to have signed Assr Al Jawal as its distributor in UAE. “Assr Al Jawal has a good reach across UAE, and a dedicated team that focuses on the independent retailer market,” he said. “By appointing Assr Al Jawal to distribute the Neffos range of smartphones and accessories, we believe our products can be distributed well across the market so that more consumers can buy our products easily.”

Jiang said TP-Link selected Assr Al Jawal because of their focus and value-added services, which matches the company’s culture. “The independent retail market needs continuous investment. We are expecting to drive the independent retail business with Assr Al Jawal to a new level,” he added.

Ziad Shaltouni, Managing Director, at Assr Al Jawal, said the company is delighted to have added Neffos to its basket and is further bringing value as a distributor that wants to grow its business in the mobile devices trade in the UAE.

“TP-Link is a well-known brand in the IT industry and with Neffos as the company’s mobile brand, we will have the vendor’s commitment to innovate and provide an aggressive line up of mobile handsets in the UAE market,” he said. “The partnership with TP-Link opens up new opportunities for us.”

TP-Link entered the mobile devices market in 2016 with the release of Neffos also marking the vendor’s expansion from fixed equipment that includes routers, smart home systems and cloud services to mobile devices. The mobile handset maker stated at the launch that the original intention of developing Neffos was about creating a unique digital experience by establishing a seamless connection between people and devices.