Fujitsu Announces New Agreement with BBAC

At the 10th Fujitsu World Tour 2017, which was held recently in Dubai, UAE, Fujitsu announced a new contract with BBAC, one of the top 10 banking entities in Lebanon, to drive its enhanced digital transformation. Underlining its deep industry knowledge of the banking and financial services industry, Fujitsu will support BBAC in a full data centre refresh to speed up its operations and achieve full business availability with zero downtime. For banking customers, this will mean simplified banking transactions and enhanced digital experiences leading to improvements in customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The new contract builds on a seven-year partnership between the two entities with all the applications of the bank running on Fujitsu servers and storage solutions. Fujitsu is also partnering with Computel, its select corporate partner in Lebanon, which has strong expertise in Fujitsu products. Computel has been supporting the bank’s infrastructure for the past five years and has a key role in the implementation and fulfillment of the service-level agreement, and is undertaking data migration with the support of Fujitsu.

As part of the digitalisation plan, BBAC is embarking on a journey of software defined data centre operations with Fujitsu, while ensuring business continuity. An innovative and digitally co-created design was recommended by Fujitsu, led by its in-depth understanding of BBAC Bank’s requirements and proven knowledge of the banking industry.

The recommended design, set to go live in early October, is based on the Enterprise Edition of the Fujitsu Integrated System PRIMEFLEX vShape and leveraged by PRIMERGY servers for virtualization based on VMware technology, ETERNUS storage cluster, integrated DLM and VDI solutions, among others. Fujitsu provides seven-year warranty and service-level agreement for the project.

Farid Al-Sabbagh, VP and Managing Director at Fujitsu Middle East, said: “As a top tier Lebanese bank, BBAC is further driving its operational efficiency through their data centre refresh using Fujitsu’s proven technologies. This highlights our understanding of the banking sector and BBAC, which enbales us to provide customised solutions that will enhance the operational efficiency and productivity, leading to digital co-creation. We secured the contract amidst stiff competition, reiterating the added value that we bring to our partners by drawing on our advanced tech-solutions.”

Francois Balaa – Head of IT at BBAC, says: “We have an ongoing partnership with Fujitsu that has helped us gain a true understanding of their ability to deliver results. The enhanced digital transformation of our operations is a critical step in further enhancing the quality of service and security that we offer to our customers. Fujitsu’s design of our Data Centre Refresh is an ideal fit to our requirements.”

The Fujitsu World Tour highlights how Fujitsu is partnering with customers to co-create the digital future. This year, the biggest ever Fujitsu World Tour has been extended into Asia for the first time and has already visited 14 of 22 countries with 25 events spread out across six continents . The theme is Digital Co-creation, focusing on how Fujitsu works in tandem with customers to connect the digital dots and support business growth.

As well as gaining inspiration from keynotes by Fujitsu executives, customers and partners, Fujitsu World Tour attendees were encouraged to become co-creationists by interacting with demonstration technologies offering creative approaches for different business scenarios, including end-to-end solutions for vertical sectors such as healthcare, manufacturing, transport, retail and banking.