Brightstar, Monster Join Hands

Monster has partnered with Brightstar to bring its high performance audio products to retailers, mvnos, mobile network operators, online and enterprise customers.

This partnership will enable Monster, a world leader in premium, high-performance headphones and Bluetooth speakers, to grow its global channel reach. As part of the collaboration, Monster Will design and engineer new exclusive headphones and earphones exclusively for Brightstar and its channel partners.

“With accessories becoming an essential part of everyday mobile life, our agreement reflects when and where consumers are buying, enabling us to satisfy consumers’ appetite for an enhanced audio experience,” said Andy Zeinfeld, Brightstar’s President of Global Channel Development & Sales. “We want people to know that our customers are the place to shop for Monster products.


Zeinfeld continued: “Monster has designed an innovative way to promote the right customer experience with its displays and promotions and by training sales teams on what makes Monster the best in the industry. We are proud to be able to offer Monster’s high-performance products to our best retailers and customers in all of the countries in which we do business. It’s truly a win, win, win, win, for Brightstar, Monster, our retailers, and our end-user consumers.”

In addition, Monster will be introducing its never-before-seen, complete line of advanced power products and cables through Brightstar’s retailers at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show.