Zyxel Communications’ Minimal Series wins 2024 Red Dot Award

Zyxel Communications announced that its new Minimal Series had won the product design by Red Dot. The Minimal Series was designed to positively impact the environment and support service providers and Zyxel in achieving net-zero goals. Compared to the previous design, this series removed unnecessary hardware, resulting in fewer resources needed and less overall carbon footprint.

The product casings are crafted from 100% recycled plastics, resulting in an 80% reduction of CO2 emissions compared to using virgin ABS plastic. The product also features smarter snap fits that allow for efficient part replacement and refurbishment as Zyxel strives for a circular future.

Minimal Series is Zyxel’s next-gen ID design for the company’s entire CPE series. Each product features an elevated visual appearance that blends seamlessly into users’ homes, eliminating the necessity of hiding devices in closets or cabinets. As a result, the design ensures optimal performance without signal interference. Zyxel will officially launch its flagship series, featuring the new Minimal ID design, starting this May.

The Red Dot is an award for superlative design quality. The international jury only awards the highly sought-after seal of quality to products characterized by outstanding design. The winning products will be presented at the Red Dot Design Museum in Essen, Germany and online at www.red-dot.org.