Creative launches its premium range of Aurvana headphones

Creative has announced recently an entirely new range of premium Creative Aurvana headsets – the flagship Creative Aurvana Platinum, the Creative Aurvana Gold, and the Creative Aurvana Live!2 – the second generation of the award-winning Aurvana Live! headset. This new lineup of three audiophile-grade headsets will be unveiled at IFA Berlin at the Creative exhibit 110 in Hall 3.2, Messe Berlin from September 6 – 11.


The Aurvana brand represents Creative’s premium headsets that deliver true-to-life high performance sound. On top of pristine audio reproduction, the Creative Aurvana Platinum and the Creative Aurvana Gold come loaded with a dazzling array of groundbreaking technological features.

Top of the list is the all-new ShareMe technology. This advanced technology allows two listeners of ShareMe-enabled Creative wireless headsets to easily link the two headsets wirelessly to a single smart device, and share their audio simultaneously – ideal for simultaneous listening to a podcast or audio book, or watching a movie together during a long commute.

The Creative Aurvana Platinum and Aurvana Gold headsets also incorporate other impressive features such as Tap & Play Near Field Communication (NFC) connectivity, Active Noise Cancellation, Creative Multipoint connectivity (for simultaneous connections to two smart devices, such as to a smartphone and tablet) and support for advanced Bluetooth codecs, making them two of the most feature-packed headsets in the market.

The new Aurvana headsets also sport a distinctively elegant design. A stunningly clear visual contrast is immediately noticeable between the hard materials that make up the headset’s solid structure and sleek angled lines adorning the ear cups, and the soft materials that provide users with outstanding levels of comfort.

Despite their amazing audio quality and impressive range of features, the premium headsets are competitively priced – similar premium headsets without some of these compelling proprietary technologies are priced higher than the three headsets in the Aurvana lineup.

The new flagship of the Creative headset range, the Aurvana Platinum, represents the most feature-rich headset among the Aurvana lineup and possibly among other headsets in the market. Powerful and precise 50mm drivers deliver stunning bass, pristine highs and remarkably clear vocals while premium memory foam ear cushions bask the listener in musical indulgence.

Steeped in technology including Tri-Mode Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and advanced Bluetooth technology with aptX® and AAC high-definition audio codec support, the Aurvana Platinum makes the ideal travel companion for the jet-setting executive who demands the best. The Aurvana Platinum’s Tri-Mode Active Noise Cancellation employs advanced noise reduction feed-forward and feedback controls with four dedicated microphones to reduce environmental noise by up to 90 percent in addition to offering the choice of optimized plane, train, or indoor settings.

The Aurvana Platinum also introduces world’s first Creative ShareMe technology for simultaneous audio sharing between two headsets. The headset also utilizes Tap & Play NFC technology for simple, one-touch Bluetooth pairing. In addition, with Creative Multipoint, the Aurvana Platinum can connect to two Bluetooth devices simultaneously; allowing user the flexibility to answer urgent phone calls from a smartphone while watching a movie on a tablet. When a phone call comes in, the built-in microphones enable crystal-clear conversations via the ClearSpeech enhanced engine.

Geared toward the discerning music listener who seeks outstanding audio quality, comfort and a strong design statement, the Creative Aurvana Gold features an over-ear design with 40mm drivers that deliver excellent audio performance. The Aurvana Gold features ShareMe technology, NFC and advanced Bluetooth wireless capabilities, while delivering Active Noise Cancellation that reduces environmental noise by up to 85 percent with two noise reduction microphones. An embedded microphone in the headset enables use for phone calls without compromising the compact convenience of a headphone.

The Creative Aurvana Live!2 headsets improve upon the wildly popular Aurvana Live! headsets, which established a cult following for their outstanding audio performance produced by their high quality bio-cellulose drivers. A bio-cellulose diaphragm is an ideal headphone driver material as it delivers the same sound velocity as an aluminum or titanium diaphragm along with the warmth and delicate sound of a paper diaphragm.

The Aurvana Live!2 renders a natural and faithful audio experience akin to a live performance with its highly accurate 40mm Neodymium magnet with bio-cellulose diaphragm drivers that deliver tighter bass tones and exceptional audio dynamics. To add to the musical escape, the premium soft protein leatherette ear pads and headband immerse the listener in comfort even for long periods of listening. As compared to its predecessor, the Aurvana Live!2 is equipped with an inline microphone for calls.

The Creative Aurvana Platinum headset is available for AED 1269, the Creative Aurvana Gold headset for AED 849 and the Creative Aurvana Live!2 headset sells for AED 549.