McAfee opens cyber defence centre in Dubai

mfe_primary_logo_rgbMcAfee opened its first Cyber Defense Center (CDC) in Dubai to offer incident response support, assessments and security education to customers across EMEA region.

The launch of the CDC, McAfee’s first worldwide, has come at the right time for the region, as businesses have witnessed numerous newsworthy attacks during the past year.

The company expects CDC to provide an additional tool in protecting the EMEA region from emerging threats as they manifest. The governments in the region also have been investing heavily in new solutions to prevent and minimize the impact of attacks.

The constantly evolving threat landscape has driven demand for sophisticated security services with strong skills and experience in the EMEA market. The Center will not only provide quality Emergency Incident Response and Forensics services (supported by the new McAfee state-of-the-art forensics lab based in Dubai), but will also provide unique strategic services differentiating McAfee from others in the region, including: Contextual Threat Intelligence, Open Source Intelligence Investigations, DDos Defense Assessments, Digital Forensics and Targeted Malware Threat Analysis. McAfee’s robust portfolio of strategic services will continue to evolve to respond to the ever-changing threat landscape to help customers stay ten steps ahead of the ‘bad guys’.

The CDC team comprises of expert consultants, with more than 70 years combined experience in incident response handling across the public and private sector.

“McAfee’s elite presence in the region enables customers to have a connected approach to cyber security,” said Ayman Al-Issa, Digital Oilfields Cyber Security advisor. “The local, on-the-ground presence provided by the CDC will make it easier for all entities to take advantage of McAfee’s expertise and also reduce response time in the event of a crisis of any kind. McAfee once again shows leadership and solution differentiation with the opening of this new Center.”

Gert-Jan Schenk, president, McAfee EMEA, said, “The rising frequency of outages due to hacktivist, criminal and terrorist activities has brought the security issue front of mind. Organizations must be able to deal with these attacks to minimize their impact. It is here the CDC can play an invaluable role when a crisis occurs by providing expert, experienced support through leveraging the McAfee ecosystem: Support, Labs, and Professional Services.”