Philips launches new monitor for hospitals

Philips launches a brand-new line-up of Clinical Review LCD Display monitors featuring a unique, antimicrobial coating to limit germ exposure and contamination. In addition, with screen sizes of 21.5, 24 and 27 inches, ultra-sharp,high-quality panels and DICOM-compliant D-Image for consistent color and grayscale reproduction, these displays accurately support clinical professionals in their diagnosis.

TPhilips Clinical Review monitorhe new monitor boosts a protective shield that inhibits the growth of common microorganisms. The displays also can easily be wiped down with standard cleaning products without impairing the performance of the coating – vital for clinical environments where cleaning is frequent so needs to be as efficient as possible.

The 24-inch and 27-inch monitors work with Clinical-D image technology, delivering the accuracy which clinical professionals need to make a confident diagnosis when their patients’ wellbeing is on the line.

Philips Clinical Review Displays monitors deliver superior grayscale rendering with calibration compliant with the DICOM Part 14 standard to reveal finest detail. Both also feature extra-high luminosity of 300 cd/m² to perform in environments with bright ambient light.

Operators, technicians and doctors working in any pathology, radiology, dentistry or orthopedics field can now view details much more clearly than before and also can zero in on even the smallest irregularities with ease.

The innovative line-up also includes a 21.5-inch USB powered monitor. Ideal for use in mobile clinical environments that can simply be connected to a PC or notebook and power through a single USB cable.

All the new Philips Clinical Review Displays are designed with smart features that make work in clinical environments easier and more effective and work under clinical-grade power supplies for extra safety and performance. The new monitors can be easily mounted and adjusted, and comes with tilt-and-swivel, height-adjustable bases, enabling clinical professionals to adjust viewing angles precisely to their preferred position, helping combat the fatigue that can so easily set in over a long working day.

The 24-inch and 27-inch models are equipped with Philips Power Sensor technology to save energy consumption, while the display enhances the viewing experience  and come with ready-installed SmartText and SmartImage Clinic presets. It also allows user to toggle the viewing mode quickly between clinical and office applications. All the displays are internationally certified for use in a variety of clinical environments.