Fortinet upgrades FortiSwitch and FortiMail

Bashar Bashaireh, Regional Director at Fortinet Middle East

Fortinet, a leading network security provider recently announced major performance upgrades for its top-of-the-line, chassis-based FortiGate-5140B security platform that supports two new Advanced TCA (ATCA) form factor blades, FortiSwitch-5203B and FortiMail-5002B.

The FortiGate-5140B is a high-performance, carrier-grade chassis that provides maximum expandability and configuration flexibility to help address the increasingly complex security needs of next-generation service providers, large enterprises and telecommunications networks.

“Because the security stakes are so high for service providers, large enterprises and telecommunications networks, we are constantly pushing the performance and innovation envelope for this critical customer base. The results of these efforts are obvious in the significant performance enhancements we’re delivering for our top-of-the-line FortiGate-5000 series”, said Bashar Bashaireh, Regional Director at Fortinet Middle East.

Operating as the cornerstone of high-performance security infrastructures, the FortiGate-5140B combines native 40-Gigabit Ethernet support with a highly flexible and reliable ATCA-compliant architecture. As a result, the platform accommodates and optimizes the performance ofa wide range of Fortinet’s consolidated security, secure switching, centralized management and secure messaging blades. Offering industry-leading performance, reliability and scalability, the FortiGate-5140B’s security capabilities protect multi-tenant, cloud-based security-as-a-service and infrastructure-as-a-service environments.