NETGEAR provides integrated solution for UAE Ministry of Labour

NETGEAR announced the successful implementation of an integrated suite of solutions to help enhance the offered UAE Ministry of Labour (MOL) services of Estemarat (Tasheel Centre), a leading service centre providing web-based services for several UAE government entities.

The implementation and installation was carried out by the leading vendor’s partner, Osool Information Technology,  after learning the requirements from Estemarat’s (Tasheel Centre) and doing a thorough analysis of their operations, NETGEAR recommended the implementation of a Quad WAN solution, which offered full redundancy and connectivity via different connectivity methods.

The package included a VPN basic firewall with SSL remote access capabilities, an IP Sec system that would allow for key data gathering for shared files, CCTV footage, ERP and access control security. Aside from Quad WAN, NETGEAR also installed a PoE / GBIC Smart Switch with full integration with Avaya IPT.

The full infrastructure solution from NETGEAR, was carried out by Osool Information Technology in three phases: design, infrastructure and implementation and connection between all branches. “We are very pleased with the positive feedback that we have received from Estemarat (Tasheel Centre), who have reported an increase in efficiencies and productivity as a result of the implementation of NETGEAR’s recommended solutions,” said Mohammad Abdalla, CEO, Osool Information Technology.

“We have always remained confident in NETGEAR’s ability to understand the demands and requirements of its customers and address these by leveraging its wide range of products and solutions that can prove to be advantageous to their operations once implemented.”

Estemarat’s (Tasheel Centre) requirements were based on demands presented for the MOL’s ‘emol’ services, a series of web-based services for both residential and business sectors. The implementation resulted in a cost effective way to make calls and connect between service centres and also offered the leading service centre with a secure data and back-up storage solutions for the huge amount of data gathered from Estemarat’s daily operations. The presence of a new IP telephony system provided key features like a one-operator set-up and conference call meeting features. The secured and high speed file sharing has also allowed Estemarat (Tasheel Centre) HR resources with free file transfers between centres and accurate time and attendance reports.

NETGEAR’s solutions came with a lifetime warranty. The unique data centres also come connected to a disaster recovery site should any unlikely situation arise like power outages and power surges.

“The integrated suite of solutions that we have provided for Estemarat (Tasheel Centre) reflects the strong partnership we have with key partners like Osool Information Technology. Servicing centres like Estemarat (Tasheel Centre), who are official partners of the MOL, demonstrates our commitment towards providing our customers with key solutions in improving, organizing and protecting computer and IT infrastructure,” concluded Khaled Alosman, Pre-Sales Consultant, NETGEAR Middle East.