RSA's DLP powers VMWare vShield

RSA, the Security Division of EMC enabled VMware to embed RSA Data Loss Prevention (DLP)  technology and policies into the VMware vShield 5 product family.  As part of the new VMware cloud infrastructure suite announced today, VMware vShield App with Data Security will include RSA’s DLP content analysis engine and expert policies to enable customers to accurately discover and classify sensitive data such as PCI, PII and PHI residing within virtual environments.

The RSA Data Loss Prevention Suite is engineered to both help to uncover business risk associated with the loss of sensitive data and dynamically lower that risk through policy-based remediation and enforcement of controls, whether the data is at rest in a datacenter, in motion over the network or in use at endpoints.  Embedding RSA DLP classification technology and policies into the virtualization layer will help enable enterprise customers to gain greater visibility to sensitive information,  which can then be managed using vShield zoning and protected via other security controls.

“The emerging cloud computing paradigm requires IT to rethink how to secure the infrastructure – moving away from applying security policies and technology tied to a physical topology in favor of building in security and compliance into a single policy framework,” said Hatem Naguib, Vice President, Alliances, VMware.  “Working with RSA and its DLP technology, we can enable enterprises to discover and classify sensitive data residing within virtual machines, further accelerating the customer’s journey to a cloud-ready infrastructure and delivering on the vision that security and compliance in a virtual infrastructure can exceed what’s possible in the physical infrastructure.”

The 80 pre-defined policies that facilitate compliance with regulations from across the world in VMware vShield App with Data Security are based on industry and regional regulations and were developed by RSA’s DLP Knowledge Engineering Team.

“There is a strong market demand for security and compliance controls to be built into the virtual infrastructure. We’re excited to move into the next phase of our relationship with VMware and expect that by building our DLP classification technology into the industry leading virtual and cloud infrastructure platform, customers will now be able to gain better visibility into their virtual infrastructure and better manage risk and security.” said Manoj Nair, Vice President, Security Management Products, RSA, The Security Division of EMC.

Customers will be able to extend the DLP functionality in VMware vShield App with Data Security from data-at-rest in virtual zones to data-at-rest in physical datacenters, data-in-use at physical endpoints and data-in-motion over email and web through the RSA Data Loss Prevention Suite, which can be purchased separately.  By using the same policy and classification engine customers can consistently protect data across the enterprise and streamline security operations for both physical and virtual environments.