Nology made network connections simple

Nology South Africa unveiled its latest innovation Billion BiPAC 2075 Compact HomePlug AV 500 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter. This compact, clever device plugs straight into your wall sockets, enabling the use of existing power cabling to create a stable, fast network that allows you to connect multiple devices across a home or office environment without the traditional drawbacks of wireless technology.

“Using wireless networking has often been the answer for people who do not wish to lay Ethernet cables, but speed and quality of the connection can impact bandwidth intensive applications. The BiPAC 2075 is the next evolution in Ethernet adapters and represents a significant improvement in speed capability, offering up to 500 Mbps speeds that enable even the most bandwidth hungry applications to run smoothly.” says Ross Griffiths, Product Manager, Nology South Africa.

The BiPAC 2075 enables the seamless streaming of high definition media, intense online gaming and jitter-free VoIP calling, making it the ideal device for users who want to share high-speed Internet applications throughout their homes. Setting up the device is a simple matter of plugging it in and pressing a button, and if further options are needed an intuitive Web Graphical User Interface (GUI) makes it easy and efficient to do so.

From HD video streaming, to online gaming, IP television and VoIP calling, the BiPAC 2075 provides the speeds necessary to turn any home into a completely connected one in a matter of minutes.

By automatically detecting its Ethernet connection, the device can automatically fall into sleep mode when Ethernet-based devices are powered down or disconnected, significantly reducing power consumption when devices are off or not in use.”

While the HomePlug has, as its name suggests, typically been aimed at the home user, with access to greater speeds than wireless can deliver, built-in QoS and easy set up as well as the ability to add in extra connections on demand, the AV 500 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter is ideal for the small and medium sized office as well. Up to 16 of these handy devices can be connected in one network, with the master device plugged in close to a router and slave devices wherever a connection is required. A switch can even be added to allow for a potentially limitless number of connections, negating the need to continuously lay cables as the business grows.

“As the world becomes increasingly connected and the amount of shared data grows, people are demanding higher speed internal networks. The Billion BiPAC 2075 Compact HomePlug AV 500 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter enables everyone to take advantage of 500Mbps speeds quickly and easily, using existing infrastructure to create a powerful, connected home or office environment,” Griffiths concludes.