Fujitsu goes Green with EraseDisk functionality

Chandan Mehta, Fujitsu Technology Solutions

According to the United Nations Environment Program, up to 50 million metric tons of electronic waste is accumulated around the world every year, much of which comes from discarded PCs.

Fujitsu took the initiative and announced the addition of EraseDisk functionality in selected ESPRIMO PCs, LIFEBOOK notebooks and CELSIUS workstation models, allowing the easy, permanent deletion of data from hard disk drives without needing to boot the operating system. For companies with strict compliance regulations that want to recycle or sell old PCs, Fujitsu’s unique EraseDisk functionality provides cost-savings, security and environmental benefits with easy and secure data deletion.

Fujitsu’s EraseDisk supports the Directive of the European Parliament and the Council on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), allowing PCs and workstations to be recycled for a second life. With EraseDisk, companies can confirm that all data on the machines has been permanently deleted before the PCs go to new owners.

Many organizations don’t appropriately delete data from old systems in a secure way; if data is not permanently erased, it may be possible to retrieve sensitive information from old equipment – a risk that companies simply cannot afford. Fujitsu’s EraseDisk function ensures compliance, providing a verification report for proof of data deletion in case of audits. Deletion reports can be saved on a USB device to protect companies against data fraud.

Chandan Mehta, Product Manager at Fujitsu Technology Solutions says: “In designing our workplace systems, Fujitsu considers ways to increase efficiency and environmental benefits throughout the entire product lifecycle. The new EraseDisk functionality makes it easy and secure for companies to recycle old PCs, as well as providing the compliance measures necessary in many industries.”

EraseDisk is available now across the region in selected LIFEBOOK, ESPRIMO and CELSIUS models, including models in the new Fujitsu proGREEN selection.