Tripp Lite launches Solutions Integration Service

Vipin Sharma, Vice President, MEA and CIS Sales, Tripp Lite

Tripp Lite, a global manufacturer of power protection equipment, has launched its new Solutions Integration Service in the Middle East. The new offering is a complimentary consultation source that has been designed to help customers maximise the full potential of their data infrastructure while also helping meet their uptime goals affordably.

The launch is in line with Tripp Lite’s commitment to roll out products and solutions that have been designed to answer the challenges of the region’s move towards improved power connectivity and protection while also providing expert technical advice and guidance on IT infrastructure expansion.

“Tripp Lite’s Solution Integration Service is an ideal means by which IT managers can maximise system availability, simplify management, optimise system efficiency and lower the cost of ownership,” says Vipin Sharma, vice president, Middle East, Africa and CIS Sales, Tripp Lite. “We provide clear alternatives that allow our customers to strike a balance between technical and budgetary considerations.”

According to Tripp Lite, one of the growing trends in today’s businesses include the growing dependence on mission-critical systems, increases in server density and the adoption of Internet-based telecommunications. These new trends have made the development of data infrastructure projects more challenging but are also presented with more risks to deal with. To help address this issue, Tripp Lite is introducing the Solution Integration Service as a key guide to help Middle East businesses navigate the complexities and potential pitfalls of complex projects.

Utilising the newly launched service will allow Tripp Lite’s expert team of project engineers, power specialists and data centre designers to come up with a specially customised solution that would best fit a customer’s requirements with no additional cost. The customised solution is a result of a thorough assessment and recommendation made to produce key results like availability, manageability, efficiency and affordability.