Estarta launches new website

Omar Shboul, Chief Operating Officer, Estarta

Estarta Solutions, a regional IT innovator, has unveiled its new Website

The new Website reflects Estarta’s strategic vision and role in keeping pace with the latest technologies, and providing clients with the best and most efficient software.

Omar Shboul, COO, Estarta, summarises the reasons for the re-launch: “Increasingly people are turning to the Internet to find information and connect with each other. By revamping our website we seek for adding value to our audience by providing more up-to-date and relevant information that is clearly structured and packaged in a fresh look”.

In another step to global presence and strengthening ties with its community; Estarta opens new venues of interaction through social media sites; LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Social networks add a new level of transparency and interaction.

“Through Social Networks, we all actively take responsibility for influencing the organisation’s personality and advocating its culture” adds Shboul.