Trend Micro expands risk management array

Trend Micro has unveiled new solutions for protecting enterprises from advanced persistent threats (APT) known to easily evade conventional perimeter and content security.

As part of its strategy, Trend Micro is expanding its real-time threat management solutions portfolio with the introduction of Trend Micro Threat Intelligence Manager and a major new release of Trend Micro Threat Management System.

In conjunction with cloud-based vulnerability management services, virtual patching capability and specialised Trend Micro Risk Management Services, these new products are designed to reduce the risk and impact of targeted advanced persistent threats in the enterprise.

APTs, or advanced targeted attacks, and the damage they cause are increasingly in the news. Studies such as the 2011 Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report illustrate the sophistication of these multi-phase targeted attacks, and strikingly, the typical months-long duration from the onset of data loss to discovery and final containment. All the evidence clearly demonstrates that standard security and risk management strategies are not sufficient countermeasures to the real threat of such an attack.

Analysts and security experts agree that enterprise risk management practices need to expand and change to deal with these threats. Independent research firm Forrester Research calls for a “Zero Trust” security model, noting that “Zero Trust provides a business case to bring internal controls up to a level necessary to meet modern threats. When a company adopts a Zero Trust mentality, it will quickly find that it wants to know what is going on inside its network.”

“Trend Micro has innovated to help our customers more effectively combat APTs. Our proactive, real-time threat management solutions are designed to provide customers with network-wide visibility and control, actionable threat intelligence and timely vulnerability protection,” says John Maddison, executive general manager, Data Centre Business Unit at Trend Micro. “Only Trend Micro–with our cloud-based approach and unique integrated threat discovery, analysis and automated remediation capabilities–can help Enterprises optimise their security posture against today’s threats, while affording vendor consolidation and cost reduction opportunities.”

Today’s advanced attacks use a multi-phase approach to achieve valuable data theft – gaining a point of entry, downloading additional malware, locating and compromising target systems, and uploading data. While an actual compromise can happen quickly, the time span from entry to initial compromise is more often hours or days. The time to actual discovery and full containment can be several months. During this cycle an enterprise’s network is hosting an intruder whose purpose is to compromise valuable data. The good news is that evasive malware can be detected – by identification at entry, by its network activity, and by its effect on endpoints and servers.